County offers townhall meetings for Medical Assistance recipients re: renewal impacts

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Linnea Mirsch




April 17, 2023

MEDIA CONTACT: Dustin Letica,
Economic Services and Supports Division Director



County to host townhall meetings for Medical Assistance recipients regarding renewal processs


For the last three years, anyone receiving Medical Assistance (MA) for insurance has not had to complete the normally-annual eligibility renewal process. This was due to a pandemic-era rule established to ensure continuous insurance coverage for people. However, this rule has now ended and the renewal requirement will again resume.


Within St. Louis County, 55,122 residents are currently enrolled in Medical Assistance - 28% of the population. This includes 10,939 people who joined in the last three years. The resumption of the renewal process is expected to create challenges because recipients haven't had to do it for three years, and anyone new to the program during the last three years may not even realize they need to do it. Additionally, any recipients who have moved in the last three years may not have a current address on file, which means they may not receive their renewal packet.


To help people better understand the renewal process, timeline, and resources to help complete the renewal application, St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services staff will hold two townhall meetings later this month for MA recipients. They will be:


Monday, April 24, 5-6 p.m.

St Louis County Government Services Center - Duluth

320 West 2nd Street, Duluth – Lake Superior Room


Tuesday, April 25, 5-6 p.m.
St Louis County Government Services Center - Virginia

201 South 3rd Avenue West, Virginia – Liz Prebich Conference Room


The April 24 information session will be livestreamed on the County's Facebook page, and video will be available later for people to watch if they are unable to attend either session.


Renewals for Medical Assistance enrollees will take place based on the anniversary month of their application for coverage beginning with those due for renewal in July 2023. As an example, a person who first applied for Medical Assistance in July has a July Medical Assistance renewal date. This individual should have already received an initial notification that they need to renew in March or April, followed by the actual renewal packet in April or May. They would need to complete and submit the renewal paperwork and have it processed by the county or tribal worker before July 1.


For more information on renewal requirements, visit