Homestead Affidavit Cards mailed out; need to be returned

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February 10, 2023

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Homestead affidavit cards mailed out; homeowners reminded they need to be filled out and returned

Approximately 12,000 homestead affidavit cards have been sent to St. Louis County property owners in recent days, and the Assessor's Department has two important messages for anyone who receives them. First, this is a legitimate mailing; and second, it's to the homeowner's benefit to complete the card and send it back.


For certain property occupied as a person’s primary residence, Minnesota state law provides a reduction to the general property tax. This reduction is available for properties that fall under the homestead classification.


To qualify for homestead classification, applicants must:

  • Have an ownership interest in the property, or be qualifying relatives of at least one owner;
  • Occupy the property as their primary place of residence; and
  • Be Minnesota residents.


The St. Louis County Assessor’s Office has begun a Department of Revenue-mandated project to verify homestead status for residents within the County. This project requires that an affidavit card or application be on file in the Assessor’s Office for every homestead. If a homeowner fails to return the card, it could result in loss of homestead status. The County has also mailed homestead affidavit cards as part of our regular annual homestead renewal and occupancy check process.


Some key things to know: the cards may be light red or light blue in color. Red versions are part of the Department of Revenue project and have already been mailed out. The blue version is a regular renewal and may still be sent out in coming weeks. Recipients should write in any corrections that are needed, including if a new spouse should be named, if a deceased spouse should be removed, or if a property that is a duplex or triplex isn't listed as such.


"We have been receiving a lot of phone calls from people wondering if these cards are for real," said Mary Garness, Director of Public Records and Property Valuation, "and we appreciate that people are being cautious because these cards do include identifying information such as a social security number. So we want to reassure people that yes, these are legitimate; and also urge people to fill them out and return them to ensure they don't lose their homestead status."


For more information on the Homestead Program, visit:



Affidavit card sample

A sample of a homestead affidavit card. The St. Louis County Assessor's Department is reminding anyone who receives one of these cards that it is a real mailing, and it needs to be returned to ensure homestead status for their property.