Arrest in Fredenburg Township - Duluth, MN

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St. Louis County Sheriff's Office News Release

Incident Date: 11/25/2022

Incident Time:  11:30PM

Incident location: 5559 Taft Road in Fredenburg Township (northwest of Duluth)

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Name: Daniel Svercl



Age: 60



Address: Fredenburg Township



Incident Summary: 

Family, friends, and neighbors of Daniel Svercl have reported concerns to the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office about his declining mental health for over a month. Svercl has refused offers of help or other services. There were no crimes committed that could warrant taking Svercl into custody. Several of the statements that were reported to the Sheriff's Office included comments Svercl made about forcing a violent confrontation with law-enforcement, what is known as “suicide by cop”

On Thanksgiving Day, there was a fire reported at Svercl's property of 5559 Taft Rd. He later admitted to family and friends that he set fire to two outbuildings on his property. During the fire Svercl was believed to be firing a firearm outside on his property in a negligent manner. Due to the dangerous behavior, fire personnel were not allowed into the scene. 

Later that afternoon, Svercl’s vehicle was seen driving a few miles from his home and deputies attempted to stop it, the driver, believed to be Svercl, fled at high speeds until he pulled into his driveway on Taft Road.  Deputies did not further the confrontation at that time.

Because of the risk involved in taking Svercl into custody, the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office Emergency Response Team was utilized. During execution of a search warrant, deputies took Svercl into custody shortly before midnight on Friday night. He cooperated with deputies, and there were no injuries to anyone involved.

Svercl was brought to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation. 

Several crimes are currently being investigated. A formal booking at the county jail will follow when/if  Svercl is released from the hospital.

The Sheriff's Office wishes to thank Svercl's family and friends for their cooperation and patience with this potentially volatile situation. 

Authority: Supervising Deputy Wade Rasch  218-969-2855

Date:    11/26/2022                                                      Time:  2:00AM

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