Deadly Force Encounter

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St. Louis County Sheriff's Office News Release

Incident Date:


Incident Time:  12:07 AM

Incident location: 

5200 Block of Wahlsten Road, Kugler Township

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Name: Eric Anthony Newman



Age: 47






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Incident Summary: 

 A St Louis County Deputy attempted a traffic stop on the Wahlsten road for suspicious behavior.   The vehicle pulled over and stopped after the Deputy caught up and activated his lights.   St Louis County Deputy opened his squad door and started giving verbal commands at which time the truck accelerated into reverse and rammed his squad.  St Louis County Deputy was still inside the squad when it was rammed.  The truck then fled.  The St Louis County Deputy attempted a couple of unsuccessful "PIT" maneuvers ( Pursuit Intervention Technique) before a Babbitt Police Officer was able to deploy stop sticks on Hwy 21 approximately 2-3 miles from the traffic stop location.   Both front tires of the suspect truck were damaged, the St Louis County Deputy was at this time able to utilize the low-speed PIT maneuver to stop the truck.   It should be noted that the suspect truck continued driving on damaged tires for about ½ miles.   

The suspect truck ended up stopping at the edge of the roadway at which time the driver exited his truck and was holding a screwdriver as a weapon.  The male then started towards the St Louis County Deputy who was giving the suspect commands to drop the weapon.  Even after the Verbal commands and holding the suspect at gun point the suspect continued to approach the St Louis County Deputy holding the screwdriver.    It was at this time that the Babbitt Police Officer successfully deployed his taser and the suspect fell into the ditch.  As law enforcement attempted to secure the suspect in hand cuffs, he maintained his resistance and fought with St Louis County Sheriff’s Deputy and the Babbitt Police Officer. During the resistance the male was grabbing at the St Louis County Deputies’ groin and gun belt.    After additional Law enforcement arrived on scene the suspect was safely secured in handcuffs.   

The St Louis County Deputy received medical treatment for an injury to his hand.  The Babbitt Police officer received an injury to his face from receiving a head butt from the suspect.  As a precaution the suspect was treated for no specific injury by medical staff and was released from Essentia Health in Virginia without incident. 

It was later identified that the suspect was utilizing a Law Enforcement scanner on his iPhone during the incident and had an active Wisconsin Department of Corrections warrant for his arrest. 

Although deadly force options were justified numerous times during the incident with this suspect, the two law enforcement officers chose less lethal tactics and options which resulted in a successful end to the incident.

The Male suspect was booked into the Virginia jail for the following :

2nd degree assault, 4th degree assault, 1st degree damage to property, 5th degree possession, Flee in a MV, Obstructing with force "attempting to disarm a police officer", Use of police radio during a commission of a crime, 4th degree DUI, Possession of metal knuckles, reckless driving and driving after revocation.   

Assisting Agencies :

Babbitt Police Department, Babbitt Ambulance,  Embarrass first responders.  

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Authority: Supervising Deputy Jon Skelton  (218)749-7167

Date:   03-25-22                                                       Time: 11:45AM

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