Community Notification-Level 3 Predatory Offender living in Nett Lake

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St. Louis County Sheriff's Office News Release

Incident Date: 


Incident Time: 11:46 AM  

Incident location: Nett Lake, MN


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Name:  James Chavers Jr.



Age: 64



Address: Nett Lake, MN



Incident Summary:

On 10/21/2020, the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office was notified that registered predatory offender, James Chavers Jr., is residing in Nett Lake, MN.  Chavers is a level three offender; therefore according to MN state statutes is subject to community notification.

Nett Lake residents and community members who have any questions, or would like to discuss this matter further can contact the Bois Forte Police Dept. or Lt. Jason Akerson 218-262-0208.

Please see the attached Offender Fact sheet for additional information.

Chavers Fact Sheet.pdf


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Authority: Lt. Jason Akerson

Date:    10/22/2020                                                      Time: 12:00 PM

Additional Information or Update:


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