Virtual meeting to discuss planned improvements at Mt Iron intersection

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James T. Foldesi, P.E.
Public Works Director/Highway Engineer




October 21, 2020

MEDIA CONTACT: Victor Lund, Traffic Engineer



Virtual meeting to discuss planned improvements at Mt. Iron intersection

A rural intersection in Mt. Iron that has been the site of 10 traffic crashes in the last decade, including one in which two people died, will be reconfigured in 2022 to make it safer. St. Louis County Public Works and the Minnesota Department of Transportation are working on plans to turn the intersection of Highway 169 and Spirit Lake Road (County State Aid Highway 137) into a Reduced Conflict Intersection - also known as a J-turn. The public will have the opportunity to learn more about it through a virtual meeting on Tuesday, October 27, at 6 p.m. Information on how to join the meeting, along with additional details about the project, can be found online at


All of the crashes at this intersection were right angle (T-bone) type crashes. Right-angle type crashes have the greatest likelihood of resulting in a serious injury or fatality. A Reduced Conflict Intersection removes the opportunity for right‐angle crashes. The design prevents vehicles on the side street from making a direct through or direct left turn movement. Instead, a driver on the side street intending to make a through or left‐turn movement must make a right turn, proceed to a median U‐turn, and return to the main intersection to complete their movement.


The virtual meeting will include details on the project's proposed design, construction impacts, and schedule. Anyone who is unable to attend the meeting but would like more information can contact Victor Lund, St. Louis County Traffic Engineer, at (218) 625-3873 or email


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Hwy 169 - Spirit Lake Road intersection

A virtual meeting will be held October 27 to update the public on plans to convert the intersection of Highway 169 and Spirit Lake Road into a safer, J-turn intersection.

J-turn drawing