Boating Accident-Kabetogama Lake in Northern St. Louis County

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St. Louis County Sheriff's Office News Release

Incident Date: 7/24/2020

Incident Time: 5:00 PM 

Incident location:

Kabetogama Lake (vicinity of Sugarbush Island) approximately 27 miles North of Orr, MN


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Name:  Adult Male (driver)

Name: Adult Male (driver)


Age: 63

Age: 60


Address: Blaine, MN

Address: Blaine, MN


Incident Summary:

On 7/24/2020, at approx. 5:00 PM St. Louis County Deputies were dispatched to a boating accident involving two boats on Kabetogama Lake within the Voyageur's Nat'l Park.  The accident occurred in the area North of Sugarbush Island. 

Upon investigation, it was discovered (4) boats were all travelling together across the lake when an object blew out of one of the lead boats. One of the trailing boats turned to retrieve the item, however the driver of the last boat in line did not notice the boat in front turn and collided with it.  The trailing boat went up and partially over the front boat coming to a rest on top of it.  The two boats had a total of 10 occupants (6 in one boat and 4 in the other).  An adult female passenger sustained a non-life threatening leg injury and was transported to the Int'l Falls Hospital for treatment.   Appropriate life jackets were aboard both boats. Both boats remained afloat and were able to be towed back to the Kabetogama Visitor Center   The incident remains under investigation by the St. Louis Co. Sheriff's Office.

Assisting Agencies: Voyageur's Nat'l Park Service Rangers, Kabetogama 1st Responders, Int'l Falls Ambulance Service, MN State Patrol and St. Louis County Volunteer Rescue Service.

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Authority:  Lt. Jason Akerson #5208

Date:   7/24/2020                                                        Time:  9:20 PM

Additional Information or Update:


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