Public Works reminds property owners to shovel around mailboxes

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Public Works Department  • Richard H. Hansen Transportation & Public Works Complex
4787 Midway Road, Duluth, MN 55811 • Phone: (218) 625-3830

James T. Foldesi, P.E.
Public Works Director/Highway Engineer



February 19, 2019

MEDIA CONTACT: Gordy Halverson, Highway Division Superintendent



Public Works reminds property owners to shovel around mailboxes 

With more snow in the forecast, Public Works is urging residents to shovel out their mailboxes to minimize the risk of damage from snow plows.


"With as much snow as we've seen already this winter, everybody's in the same boat - trying to figure out where to put the snow. We get that," said Gordy Halverson, highway division superintendent for St. Louis County Public Works. "Our crews are doing the best they can to plow 3,000 miles of roads to keep them safe and driveable. Homeowners need to remember that they are responsible for shoveling around their mailbox."


When mailboxes get damaged, it's typically not by the snow plow, but by the windrow - the high volume of snow coming off the side of the plow blade. Clearing the snow away from a mailbox provides more space for that snow to go, lessening the likelihood of damage.


Property owners are also reminded that when clearing snow from driveways, it is illegal to push or dump snow into the roadway because of the hazard it creates for motorists. The windrows left behind - even if just a couple inches - are enough to cause a car to lose control or possibly cause an accident.



Shoveled out mailbox

The mailbox has been properly cleared of snow.

buried mailbox

This mailbox is an example of one that's not been properly shoveled and is at high risk of being snapped off its post.