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Green Ramsey 

An Environmental Health Newsletter from Ramsey County - December 2016




Wed. December 7 or
Thurs. December 8, 2016
Hazardous Waste Compliance Training, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Ramsey County Public Works
1425 Paul Kirkwold Dr.,
Arden Hills
Free for businesses.
To register, call 651-266-1194.

Saturday, December 17, 2016
Fix-It Clinic, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Our Lady of Guadalupe
401 Concord St., Saint Paul

More information online.



Be Active! Be Green! Recycling Container Grants
Need a recycling container in a park or public building? Our Be Active! Be Green! grant program is available for public entities to purchase recycling containers. Help make recycling easier when on-the-go. Call 651-266-1179.

Recycling Bins for Events
Hosting an event? Call 651-266-1199 for temporary bottles and cans recycling bins and organics recycling bins, or reserve them online.

Calling all business organizations in the East Metro! Got a great idea to get other businesses to go green? Use our green to get going

Public Entity Innovation Grants
Do you have an innovative idea to increase recycling through your city, school, park board, library or watershed district? Grants are available to help kick-start your idea! Call 651-266-1199 or email .

Waste collected in Ramsey and Washington Counties and beyond is hauled to the Recycling & Energy (R&E) Center to be turned into fuel for energy. The R&E Center is owned by the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Board.



Green Ramsey is published by the Environmental Health Division of Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health.

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Success Stories:

Travelers Reduces Waste by 74,000 Pounds a Year

The New Year is just around the corner, and most East Metro businesses are eligible for grant money to fulfill their recycling resolutions. Big businesses, like Travelers in Saint Paul, or small businesses can save money and improve the environment by recycling. After completing a BizRecycling Program, Travelers now saves over $18,000 every year in hauling fees! That’s over 74,000 pounds of material that won’t end up in landfills. Big or small, businesses can make a difference. Make recycling a New Year’s resolution in 2017. BizRecycling, a program of the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Board, is here to help. To learn more, visit


News You Can Use:

Free Collection Shed for Used Oil

Are you changing your own oil before it gets too cold? Ramsey County has a used oil and filter collection shed that is free for county residents and open 24/7. Antifreeze is also accepted. The collection shed is located on the north side of the Ramsey County Public Works facility at 1352 Ben Franklin Drive in Arden Hills.

For more information and where to bring other hazardous waste, go to or call 651-633-EASY (3279), answered 24/7.


Reduce and Recycle at Your Holiday Gatherings

Setting up for recycling at your holiday gathering is easier than you think. Simply label a container “Cans and Bottles” and set it next to your trash. For large parties, check out temporary recycling containers from your city or Ramsey County. Organics recycling containers are also available. To learn more about this program, visit and click on “Event Recycling” at the top or call 651-633-EASY (3279), answered 24/7.

Don’t forget to reduce waste during this season as well. Use washable dishware, and consider thoughtful, long-lasting gifts and reusable party favors. And, if you are involved in an “ugly sweater contest,” various thrift stores are a great place to shop!

Don't forget that six of the Ramsey County yard waste sites are open on weekends during the winter, and three of them accept trees and shrubs. So when you finally decide to take down the Christmas tree, visit our A to Z Recycling and Disposal Guide for more information.


Holiday Fix-It Clinics

Do you have a bent Christmas tree, a chipped snowflake serving platter, or a radio that sounds like Vince Guaraldi under water? As you prep for the holidays, consider skipping the trash and bring your broken items to a Ramsey County Fix-It Clinic instead.

At Fix-It Clinics, residents bring in small household appliances, electronics, and even clothing (singed fireplace stocking, anyone?). Volunteer fixers (e.g. real-life MacGyvers) work with residents to diagnose and repair each item free of charge. The best part? You’ll walk away with a little more repair knowledge every time.

To learn more, visit

In the meantime, we’ll see you (and your lop-sided Christmas tree) at our next clinic!

Saturday, December 17
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Our Lady of Guadalupe
401 Concord St., Saint Paul

Cohosted with Dakota County.


Ramsey and Washington Counties Waste Designation Plan Approved

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recently approved a joint plan submitted by Ramsey and Washington Counties that will allow for a more stable, predictable trash processing system that can help better manage various risks and control costs. This plan will help guide the use of “waste designation.” Waste designation is the term used in Minnesota law that allows the counties to enact an ordinance that requires all or a portion of solid waste to be delivered to a designated waste management facility. Sometimes called “flow control,” waste designation can be put into place after a thorough planning process that is approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). Designation relates to what happens to waste after it is collected – it does not affect who collects trash, or when it is collected.

Ramsey and Washington Counties have worked together to ensure that trash is well managed in the East Metro area for nearly 30 years. The Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Center (R&E Center), a trash processing facility, has been a key element of the system, serving to compliment aggressive recycling, composting and hazardous waste programs. Ramsey and Washington Counties are working to find ways to create a modern trash processing system that offers more stability and predictability, and ultimately ensures greater control of our costs.  Designation gives the counties the legal authority to oversee where and how that trash is processed and to ensure that it is done so in a way that manages environmental and public health risks and avoids putting the costs and risks of today’s waste management on future generations.

Did you know?

Ramsey County’s Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) program turns 25!

Since 1991 Ramsey County has collected HHW  from residents to protect human health and the environment. The program has become well established since its first year when 928 residents dropped off waste. Since that time, over half a million residents have dropped off over 25 million pounds of chemical waste. The program now averages over 25,000 visits a year and keeps approximately 1.4 million pounds of hazardous waste out of the trash annually. This is an important step in protecting our air and water.

The most common materials dropped off are paint, used oil, and flammable solvents such as paint thinner or mineral spirits. Materials collected from residents are reused, recycled, burned for energy, or incinerated as directed by Minnesota’s waste management hierarchy. The program now also features a Product Reuse Center where residents can take products and use them up rather than dispose of them as a waste.


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