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SSTS Bulletin

November 2014

Little over half of responding LGUs report point-of-sale SSTS compliance inspection programs. Hawaii weighs the question


In the 2013 MPCA SSTS Annual Report, local governmental units were asked if they require compliance inspections at the time of property transfer. A total of 225 LGUs responded to this question. Of those, 116 said they have a property transfer (or point-of-sale) compliance inspection program and 109 said they do not.

There were 52 of 86 reporting counties (60%) that indicated they have a property transfer/SSTS compliance inspection program. For cities, 47 of 85 reporting cities (55%) indicated they have a program.

Finally, 16 of 52 reporting townships (31%) indicated that they have a program.

An article in a recent edition of the Onsite Installer publication says Hawaii is considering SSTS compliance  inspections when properties transfer as a way to help reduce the number of existing and new cesspools in the state. 

"The Department of Health says cesspools release about 55 million gallons of untreated sewage every day across the state’s islands. State officials have said the time of transfer provision would help with the transition away from cesspools. As the plan says, 'Requiring cesspool upgrades when property is sold makes sense because the cost of the upgrade can be shared between the buyer and seller at a time when sellers, with proceeds from the sale, are better able to afford upgrading costs, and buyers, who are usually borrowing already for their purchase, may obtain additional financing for eliminating a cesspool.'” 

The same edition of the Onsite Installer carries an excerpt from a recent edition of the SSTS Bulletin that quotes Manager Jim Ziegler on the benefits of conducting SSTS inventories.

Kristi Kalk named new SSTS staffer in Marshall office


Kristi Kalk is the new SSTS staffer in the MPCA Marshall Regional Office, replacing Matt Moon who is now working in the MPCA watershed unit in Marshall.

Kristi graduated this past spring from Minnesota State University Mankato with a degree in environmental services.

By joining the MPCA Kristi says she has now participated in public service at all levels. At the city level she was a lifeguard in her hometown of Fairfax, Minn., a small town near New Ulm. While in college she worked for the National Park Service for two summers in Yellowstone and one summer on the east coast. This past summer she worked for Carver County doing water quality sampling work.


Whether or not to design (or inspect) depends on the weather