MPCA SSTS Bulletin

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SSTS Bulletin

June 2013 edition

Tanks to all of you, registration process proving succesful


Beginning with this construction season, only septic tanks registered with the MPCA that appear on the list of tanks posted on the MPCA website can be installed in Minnesota. According to the MPCA's Gretchen Sabel, the process of registering tanks has been a success. "There are now 939 tank models from 38 manufacturers registered on our site. Thirty four of those manufacturers are nicely distributed across the state," she said. Registered tanks range in size from 180 to 4,500 gallons with recommended burial depths from two to 10 feet.

While there are currently many models to choose from, the registration process is continuing. "We appreciate very much the effort manufacturers and installers are making to comply with this new requirement," Gretchen says.

In order to keep a specific tank model registered with the MPCA, once each year manufacturers must conduct a water-tightness test on at least tank of that model type and submit the results to the MPCA by Dec. 31. So, for example, in order to keep a specific model of tank registered for 2014, the manufacturer will need to test at least one tank of that type manufactured during 2013 and return the results to the MPCA by Dec. 31, 2013.

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