Winter 2021

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MS4 permit applications due April 15, 2021!

If you are an MS4 permittee, you must complete the application forms for permit coverage under the new MS4 General Permit (MNR040000). The application forms include: 1) MS4 Part 2 Permit Application (PDF) and 2) if applicable, MS4 Permit TMDL Application (Excel workbook) which has been customized for each MS4. These forms must be electronically completed and submitted to the MPCA by April 15, 2021. For more information, please visit

Common CSW permit application mistakes

MPCA staff are repeatedly identifying errors on NPDES/SDS Construction Stormwater General Permit (CSW Permit) applications. When applying for permit coverage make sure that the information on your application is accurate.

Here are just a few common mistakes permittees make when applying for the CSW Permit and how these mistakes can be avoided:

  • Incorrect owner: make sure you’ve correctly identified the owner of the project by confirming they meet the CSW Permit’s definition of owner before submitting the application. The definition of owner is “the person, firm, governmental agency, or other entity possessing the title of the land on which the construction activities will occur or, if the construction activity is for a lease, easement, or mineral rights license holder, the party or individual identified as the lease, easement or mineral rights license holder, or the contracting government agency responsible for the construction activity”. A consultant hired by the owner can not be listed in place of a project’s actual owner. If the information is not correct, the permittees have to complete extra paperwork to correct the error.
  • Incorrect contractor/operator: the CSW Permit’s definition of an operator is “the person (usually the general contractor), firm, governmental agency, or other entity designated by the owner who has day to day operational control and/or the ability to modify project plans and specifications related to the project’s SWPPP". The CSW Permit application must list the operator as a permittee. Subcontractors hired by and under supervision of the general contractor are not operators. Listing a contractor that does not have day to day operational control will also result in the permittees having to complete extra paperwork to correct the error.
  • Wrong location of project: inspection staff are frequently finding that applicants have inaccurately identified their project’s location on their application. Often, the identified location is found outside of Minnesota, in a lake or river, or several miles away from the project’s actual location. To avoid having your project at the bottom of Lake Superior, please use the map provided within the application to locate and properly identify your project’s latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Inaccurate project size: it’s important to provide the correct number of acres of land your project will disturb and how many acres of impervious surfaces will result. This information is required for determining whether permanent stormwater treatment is required and if the site is large enough to require SWPPP review by the MPCA before obtaining permit coverage.

For more tips and advice, please feel free to contact your area’s MPCA construction stormwater staff found on the construction stormwater website:

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