Canceled - July 3M Settlement work group meetings

3M East Metro Settlement Updates

July work group meetings canceled

The July work group meetings are canceled. 

The Co-Trustees are in the process of evaluating the preliminary list of long-term options (also called scenarios) in order to identify long-term drinking water recommendations for the East Metropolitan Area.

The long-term drinking water supply options and recommendations are part of the Conceptual Drinking Water Supply Plan; a key component to ensuring that drinking water needs and options for the East Metropolitan Area are appropriately and thoroughly considered. The plan will take into account both public water systems and private wells, using a region-wide approach.

There are systems in place to ensure safe drinking for homes and businesses in the East Metropolitan Area while the long-term options are being evaluated.

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May's work group meeting notes

You can find May’s meeting notes and the recording from the Government and 3M Working Group at

In February 2018,  Minnesota and the 3M Company settled their lawsuit regarding natural resource damages associated with a group of chemicals known as PFAS. 3M is making a grant of $850 million as a condition of the settlement to address two priorities in the east metro area.

  • Priority 1: Safe drinking water and groundwater sustainability
  • Priority 2: Restoring and enhancing natural resources

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