April 3M Settlement work group meetings

3M East Metro Settlement Updates

April work group meetings to be held online

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Department of Natural Resources will be hosting April's 3M Settlement work group meetings online through WebEx with a call-in option.

Agenda and meeting materials are available on the 3M Settlement website. Click on each work group for details.

Topics that will be discussed at the meetings are:

  • Conceptual Drinking Water Supply Plan update
  • Ion Exchange pilot project update
  • Next steps

All 3M Settlement meetings are open to the public and time is reserved for questions and comments from attendees. Questions about these meetings can be emailed to pfcinfo.pca@state.mn.us.

WebEx or call-in details

Please plan to join the WebEx 10-15 minutes before the meeting starts to ensure WebEx/audio are working. 

Note: The WebEx details are the same for all the work groups
WebEx link: https://abtassociates.webex.com/abtassociates/j.php?MTID=m5b96ce7a526c5d867360b86339c7269f
Conference line (if not using the WebEx “Call me” option): 1-415-655-0002; Access code: 612 607 255#

To join the WebEx meeting

  • Click on the link above
  • Enter your name, email address, and click ‘join’
  • Once you’ve joined, use the “Call me” option for audio (see WebEx Meeting Guide for more information). If that's not possible, you can also call-in using the conference line provided above OR join audio via your computer (Please do not to join using your phone AND the computer or there will be audio feedback).
  • Please mute your microphone
  • If you want to talk during the meeting and you are connected through your phone, ensure that you are unmuted on both your phone AND WebEx. If you still can’t be heard, try pressing *6 on your phone to unmute WebEx.

Using WebEx for the first time?
If you haven’t used WebEx before, you will be prompted to download the installer file.

If you can't download the WebEx app or prefer not to install anything, you can join the meeting through your web browser, use “join from your browser” option.

In February 2018,  Minnesota and the 3M Company settled their lawsuit regarding natural resource damages associated with a group of chemicals known as PFAS. 3M is making a grant of $850 million as a condition of the settlement to address two priorities in the east metro area.

  • Priority 1: Safe drinking water and groundwater sustainability
  • Priority 2: Restoring and enhancing natural resources

For more information about the settlement, visit https://3msettlement.state.mn.us.