Updated Intrusion Screening Value (ISV) Guidance!

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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Two Updates to ISV Guidance.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in collaboration with Minnesota Department of Health have updated the intrusion screening values (ISVs) used to evaluate vapor intrusion risk.  The ISVs are chemical-specific, risk-based inhalation screening criteria for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) commonly evaluated during vapor intrusion investigations.  The two updated ISV-related documents include:

  • Intrusion Screening Values Technical Support Document (May 29, 2019, c-rem3-12)
  • Intrusion Screening Values (ISVs) for Vapor Intrusion Risk Evaluation (May 29, 2019) 


The updated ISVs should be used on vapor investigation sites effective May 29, 2019.


Both updated ISV documents have been posted on the MPCA website at https://www.pca.state.mn.us/waste/intrusion-screening-values.