Agendas for 3M Settlement November work group meetings posted

3M East Metro Settlement Updates

Agendas for Citizen–Business Group, Government and 3M Working Group now available

Agendas for next week's meeting of these two groups are now available on the 3M Settlement website. At this meeting, both groups will be discussing an outline to create a drinking water supply plan for affected communities within the next year.

The Citizen–Business Group meets Tuesday, Nov. 13, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. The Government and 3M Working Group meets Wednesday, Nov. 14, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Both meetings will be held in the Training Room of the Cottage Grove City Hall at 12800 Ravine Parkway South.

All 3M Settlement work group meetings are open to the public, and time is reserved at each meeting for questions from attendees.

Criteria for screening and evaluating drinking water supply projects

For the past two meetings, 3M Settlement work groups have been discussing criteria to screen and evaluate proposed drinking water supply projects. The document that outlines these criteria is now posted on the homepage of the 3M Settlement website.

Questions about these criteria? Email them to

In February 2018, the state of Minnesota and the 3M Company settled their lawsuit regarding natural resource damages associated with a group of chemicals known as PFCs. 3M is making a grant of $850 million as a condition of the settlement to address two priorities in the east metro area. Priority 1 is safe drinking water and groundwater sustainability. Priority 2 is restoring and enhancing natural resources.