3M Settlement Work Group structure finalized, east metro citizens and business owners sought for Citizen – Business Work Group

3M East Metro Settlement Updates

3M Settlement Work Group Structure

The structure of the work groups that will identify and recommend projects to be funded by money from the 3M Settlement has been finalized. The most notable difference is the formation of a Citizen–Business Work Group. A brief description is below, as well as a call for volunteers to serve on it.

View all the work groups and their proposed membership on the 3M Settlement webpage.

East metro citizens and business owners sought for 3M Settlement Citizen – Business Work Group

A Citizen – Business Work Group is being formed to identify and recommend projects and priorities for funding with money from the 3M Settlement. The group will be composed of Minn. Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and Department of Natural Resource (DNR) representatives, and about 15 at‐large citizen, business, and representatives of nongovernmental organizations who live or are working in the east metropolitan area. If you are interested in serving on this group, a link to an online application is available on the 3M Settlement webpage

This group will meet once monthly for three hours during normal weekday working hours. Some additional work between meetings is likely. No compensation will be provided to Citizen – Business Group participants.  

Applications will be accepted through June 13. 

If you have questions about this work group or any of the others being formed, please contact the DNR’s Steve Colvin at 651-259-5709 or by email at steve.colvin@state.mn.us.

Private well sampling in the east metro area

Since 2003, the MPCA and Minnesota Department of Health have sampled more than 2,200 private residential wells and 100 non-community public (i.e. small businesses, churches, schools) wells in the east metro area for perfluorochemicals (PFCs). Between now and the end of June 2019, the MPCA and MDH expect to sample approximately 1,100 more private wells. 

If you live in the area that is a priority for testing, you can request that your private well water be tested. You can figure out if you live in the priority testing area using this interactive map

If you live in the priority area, email your request to have your well tested and contact information to pfcinfo.pca@state.mn.us.

More information about the priority testing area is available on the Private well sampling in the East Metro Area webpage.

In February 2018, Minnesota and the 3M Company settled their lawsuit regarding natural resource damages associated with a group of chemicals known as PFCs. 3M is making a grant of $850 million as a condition of the settlement to address two priorities in the east metro area. Priority 1 is safe drinking water and groundwater sustainability. Priority 2 is restoring and enhancing natural resources.