MN Stormwater News — January 2018

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January 2018

GreenCorps members helping improve stormwater

GreenCorps members

Minnesota GreenCorps is an environmentally focused AmeriCorps program coordinated by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) that places members in organizations around the state to help address critical environmental issues. This year, five GreenCorps members are working on improving stormwater in Minnesota. 

Steven Yang (far left) is working at the Capitol Region Watershed District in St. Paul on their stewardship grant project. He's coordinating inspections, calculating volume and pollution reductions using the minimal impact design standards calculator, producing GIS maps, and collaborating with community partners.

At the Washington Conservation District in Oakdale, Drew Chirpich (second from left) is inventorying existing stormwater practices, assisting local units of government to prioritize repairs, and guiding seasonal maintenance crews. Drew is also working with the Master Water Stewards program and delivering education and outreach to agencies and community members. 

At the Carver County Water Management Organization in Chaska, Jackie Seamans (third from left) is creating a stormwater pond plan for homeowners associations, developing new partnerships and materials for citizens, and assisting with aquatic invasive species work.

Lauren Jensen (fourth from left) is working for Winona County designing outreach materials on sound stormwater practices for residents. She is also helping the City of Winona implement the water quality improvement plan for Lake Winona, and developing a comprehensive report on the Whitewater Watershed Project. 

Emily Johnson (far right) is working at the Anoka Conservation District in Ham Lake where she is creating outreach and education materials and developing a grading criteria for stormwater practices. The aim is to improve the operation of poorly performing practices.

If a Minnesota GreenCorps member would be helpful in your organization, go to the Minnesota GreenCorps web pages and sign up to be notified about future opportunities.