Required Use of New PRP Forms and PRP Maps Online

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The Petroleum Remediation Program (PRP) released updated versions of the Investigation Report (4-06) and Monitoring Report (4-08) prior to our May 24, 2017, Consultants’ Day training event, with an effective date of June 1. The reports were later updated in early June to allow unrestricted editing rights. This message is to inform the consulting community working on PRP sites that the grace period for transitioning from the 2008 versions to the new versions will end on December 1, 2017. Investigation and Monitoring Reports in the 2008 format that are received by the MPCA on or after December 1, 2017, will not be accepted.  PRP staff have been instructed not to accept reports submitted on the 2008 versions and to notify consultants that the reports must be resubmitted on the updated forms. 

The Petroleum Remediation Program (PRP) has released an updated version of Assessment of Sensitive Groundwater Conditions (4-18). Due to changes to the Department of Health’s Source Water Assessment webpage, information regarding aquifer sensitivity for Source Water Assessment Areas (SWAAs) and Inner Wellhead Management Zones (IWMZs) is no longer provided online. PRP has updated its web-based mapping application, Petroleum Remediation Program Maps Online, to include this information. Aquifer sensitivity for SWAAs and IWMZs is located in a popup window that’s displayed when clicking in the area. See the examples below. The updated guidance document reflects the change in determining the aquifer sensitivity and is effective immediately.


Govedel 1 


Govedel 2

Chris McLain
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency