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Time-Sensitive Assistance Opportunities

Announcing the opportunity to apply for the help of a Conservation Corps youth crew during Summer 2017 to install a green infrastructure project for your community that will strengthen local resilience to Minnesota's changing climate.

Your community may be able to combine youth crew installation with MnDOT's Community Roadside Landscape Partnership Program, which provides free design assistance and reimbursement for plant materials and supplies, if your project is located adjacent to a state trunk highway.


Little Bohemia crew

Apply for a Youth Crew to Install Green Infrastructure

MPCA has contracted with Conservation Corps Minnesota to provide youth crews for a total of 25 days during 2017 to assist local communities with installation of green infrastructure on public lands. These projects will strengthen local resilience to Minnesota's changing climate. Communities may apply to be allocated a portion of the crew days.

Eligible projects include prep and planting of resilient tree and shrub species, rain gardens, boulevard swales, native/ adapted perennial and pollinator gardens, and similar projects on public lands for the purpose of improving local air quality, protecting water quality, addressing localized flooding, reducing urban heat, providing public amenities, and/or increasing social connectedness. Read about 2016 projects.

Priority will be given to projects that make improvements of benefit to low-income and/or environmental justice neighborhoods.

The timeframe for installation of projects is the last week in June until mid-August. (Ramsey County and Minneapolis sites may also schedule during spring and fall.) 

Communities are responsible for procuring plant materials and supplies. This cost is NOT included as part of youth crew assistance. Establishing the plantings with sufficient watering and ongoing maintenance of the sites are local responsibilities. Participating communities will be expected to make this commitment.

To apply, email laura.millberg@state.mn.us with an expression of interest by February 10, using the Subject: Summer Youth Crews 2017. Include in the email: contact information for the applicant organization and project manager, a brief description of the type of green infrastructure installation, project location and neighborhood, and preferred timeframe. Indicate whether your community is also seeking MnDOT Roadside Landscape assistance and, if not, who will provide the plant materials and supplies.


Get Design Help and Cost of Plants from Roadside Landscape Partnership Program

If your community would like assistance from the MnDOT Community Roadside Landscape Partnership Program during 2017 (with or without a youth crew), send a letter requesting design assistance to your MnDOT district contact before March 1. The letter must be submitted on official letterhead and signed by an authorized representative of a local unit of government. Include in the letter specifics about the location of the project, what state highway it is on, and the proposed timeframe for the installation. If you want to combine this program with youth crew assistance, the installation must be scheduled between the last week in June and mid-August. For installation by volunteers, contractors or local government employees, MnDOT typically requests a spring or fall timeframe.

January 13, 2017


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For more information or direct assistance, contact: 

Laura Millberg, Principal Planner, Community and Business Assistance, MPCA

Direct 651-757-2568

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