SSTS Bulletin Special Edition

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SSTS Bulletin

SSTS Special Bulletin, December 2015

This SSTS Bulletin special edition is being sent to share time-sensitive information regarding SSTS licensing and certification.

SSTS installer license bond deadline looming

New surety bond documents and pipelayer cards are flowing into the offices at the MPCA. Thank you to everyone who has properly filed this paperwork to meet 2015 legislative changes that simplify the regulation of building sewers.

While most have properly filed this paperwork, many licensees and their agents have filed the wrong form or provided some other unacceptable submittal. Please follow the detailed instructions and submit the required documentation by 12/31/15 to avoid a lapse in your license.

This link provides all of the information you need about the regulation of building sewers.

If you are an SSTS installer, you no longer need to register your pipelaying credentials with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.  In return, you need to update your SSTS Surety Bond to the new form and demonstrate a pipelayer card for each designated certified individual that is affiliated with your business. This is a one-time process that will save you time and money.

If you are an SSTS installer and also hold a plumbing license, you have to submit a duplicate original of your Plumbing Contractor Surety Bond to the MPCA. A duplicate original is a bond form that is, by all accounts, identical to the original and also has real original signatures, seals, and  any other instruments of execution. Your agent or surety can help you obtain this form.

The chart below will help you determine which form(s) you need to submit and to which agency.


You've all been very nice this year; “Conditional Certification” to arrive just in time for the holidays!


If you are one of the handful of SSTS professionals that missed their continuing education deadline, 2015 legislative changes are delivering a gift this holiday season – the conditional certification.

Here is how the program works:

  1.   You complete the application
  2.   You are awarded with a one-year period where you are
         allowed to work while you:
                a. complete the missed continuing education, and
                b. pass one or two certification exams that apply to the
                     SSTS work you do.

Administrative rule changes that established this program are expected to take effect on Dec. 21, 2015.

If you find yourself on the wrong side of your continuing education deadline, please contact our office to request a Conditional Certification application.

Happy Holidays from the folks in the Certification and Training Unit!