Lake Harriet Bandshell Repair Update

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Lake Harriet Bandshell Repair 

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Lake Harriet Bandshell Repair Update

Lake Harriet Bandshell summer 2020

The Lake Harriet Bandshell will undergo major repairs next year

Roof repairs and other upgrades to the Bandshell area are scheduled next year

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is working on plans to renovate the Lake Harriet Bandshell area. The primary focus of the project is replacing the wood roof shingles on the Bandshell and nearby buildings, but additional work could also include upgrades to lighting, electrical and restrooms, adding bird-safe coating to Bandshell windows, and replacing doors and door frames.


More details will be available after the project is bid for construction this fall. Work will be scheduled to maintain normal seasonal Bandshell entertainment, concessions operations and bathroom availability as much as possible. 

Repair Timeline

Fall 2022

Bid and award construction contract(s)

Winter 2022-23

Purchase and prepare new wood shingles

Spring-Fall 2023

Perform roof repairs and building renovations


Lake Harriet Bandshell in 1893

The Lake Harriet Bandshell in 1893

Bandshell History


First pavilion operated by a streetcar company.


Second pavilion, a pagoda-style, two-story building, designed by architect and Park

Commissioner Harry Wild Jones. Pavilion also included bathroom buildings still in use.


Third pavilion, a Classical Revival, one-story building with two wings extending over the lake, also designed by Jones.


Fourth pavilion, built as a temporary structure, lasts nearly 60 years.


Current Bandshell building opens. Designed by Milo Thompson, inspired by second pavilion design.


Concession buildings constructed.


Bandshell repaired and painted brown.


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About this project

The Lake Harriet Bandshell Renovation is exploring options for complete renovations to the Bandshell and concessions buildings that include roof replacement and building repairs, along with accessibility and mechanical improvements.

Project Manager

Cliff Swenson


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