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Aveda wins 2015 Merchant Five Star sustainability award

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Congratulations to Aveda for winning this year’s MSP Airport Merchant Five Star Best Sustainability Program award. This award is given to MSP Airport concessionaires who exhibit an exceptional commitment to sustainability. 

Aveda was chosen based on its long-standing support of sustainability. From product ingredients, to store design, to product packaging, Aveda has continually invested in creating a better world.

Aveda’s MSP location boasts several sustainability features

  • Locally made fixtures from Forest Stewardship Council certified wood and pre-consumer recycled content
  • Renewable and sustainable building materials, including zero volatile organic compound (VOC) paint
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Living walls
  • Sustainably sourced products

This is the second award Aveda’s MSP location has received for sustainable concessions. In 2015, it also won Airport Council International-North America’s Best Green Concession Practice or Concept category.

April 19-22, look for a table outside Aveda's store at Terminal 1 where they will highlight their recycling programs and sustainable product sourcing process.

MSP solar arrays

MSP completes first, begins a second solar facility project

The new 3-megawatt solar generation facility at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s (MSP) Terminal 1-Lindbergh is now in service. Get an up close look at and learn more about this one-of-a-kind facility by watching this video.

Construction of a 1.3-megawatt facility at Terminal 2-Humphrey has also commenced. This facility is being constructed atop the terminal’s Purple parking ramp and will include approximately 3,130 solar panels. As with the Terminal 1 project, the lights in both parking ramps (Purple and Orange) at Terminal 2 will be replaced with new energy efficient LED technology. Electricity generated through this solar facility will go directly to Terminal 2. 

Together, these facilities will generate 4.3 megawatts of solar energy at MSP Airport and provide an emissions reduction equivalent to taking more than 2200 passenger vehicles off the road. 

Sustainability briefs

  • The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) has become a member of the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition, launching June 2016. “The MAC is proud to join other leaders within the region to launch the Sustainable Growth Coalition,” said Dennis Probst, executive vice president for the MAC.  “Through collaboration, innovation, and leveraging our region's unique assets, the coalition will help drive the region toward a circular economy for a sustainable future.”
  • In October 2015, the Metropolitan Airports Commission received two Airports Going Green awards for Sustainable Infrastructure at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, including a project that placed more than 7,700 energy efficient LED lamps in four parking ramps at Terminal 1-Lindbergh.
  • With the weather warming up, work on a green roof at Terminal 2-Humphrey has begun. Learn more about this project here.

MSP by the numbers: 2015

  • 466 tons: food waste composted – 7% more than in 2014.
  • 2,662,000 pounds: cans, bottles, paper and cardboard recycled – 30% more than in 2014
  • 18: electric charging stations in public parking ramps at MSP – up 4 from 2014
  • 105: flex-fuel vehicles (up 9 from 2014); 4 electric vehicles (up 1 from 2014); 2 hybrid vehicles included in the Metropolitan Airports Commission’s fleet
  • 1 solar energy generation facility installed on airport
  • 36 million: number of passengers that traveled through MSP Airport - 4% more than in 2014

Five tips for traveling sustainably

lrt station terminal 2
  1. Bring an empty, reusable water bottle and use the water filling stations after security at MSP rather than buying already bottled water. Plastic bottles are made from oil and take hundreds of years to break down. Stations are located in Terminal 1-Lindbergh at gates E9, F10, G6 and outside the airport mall restroom across from the entrance to Concourse F. At Terminal 2-Humphrey there’s one near exit door 1.
  2. Take public transitlight rail or bus - to MSP Airport to avoid carbon emissions from a personal vehicle. 
  3. Pack light. The heavier the plane the more fuel it takes to operate it. 
  4. Upon landing, take your recyclables with you. Most airports will have recycling containers where you can deposit those items. 
  5. In addition to taking public transit to MSP, consider your destination’s ground transportation options. Is there a car-sharing program in the city? What about renting an electric vehicle? Or is it possible to get around via mass transit? All questions to ask yourself when booking your next trip. 

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