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News and Resources for Your Data Exploration

January 16, 2023

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Take Advantage of Exclusive Access to 2020 Census Data about the U.S.’s Youngest Kids

American Community Survey (ACS) 2020 data about families with young children is now available on ECLDS in smaller age bands for most counties in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. If you need to learn more about the children and families in your community, take advantage of this tool to gather important information at the county level. ECLDS is the exclusive online home to customized ACS tables featuring data on 30 topics about babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Visit the ECLDS Census Data Tool to access your county and/or state’s data today.

The Return of the (Improved) Community Assessment Report

Intended as a one-stop shop for much of the state-available information required for Head Start federal reporting in particular, this report is a useful data resource for school districts, county staff, local agencies, and more. The report pulls information on young children from MDE, MDH, DHS, and the ECLDS Census Data tool.

After taking some time to repair data issues and rework a few of the topics, the Community Assessment report is back on the site. Some topics are still pending, so check back regularly for updates. Access this report via the ECLDS menu, under Birth to Pre-K Reports—or directly through this link.

MN Kids Explorer - An Updated View

Sometimes it is best to tell a story to communicate an important message. With data, it is no different. 

The MN Kids Explorer data story, Nourishing Our Children for Success, offers an easy-to-access, narrative-based option for using data from the ECLDS. After reworking the Tableau-based report, we recently relaunched three chapters of the data story, enabling users to access powerful data visualizations of statewide, school district, county, and legislative district data about the kids participating in some of Minnesota’s early care and learning programs.

Check out MN Kids Explorer, share it with your colleagues, and let us know your thoughts.

Visit the MN Kids Explorer

Tips and Tools

Our Regional Coaching Network Connects You with Data

Are you a data newbie? Whether it is your first time navigating the site or you need help to access a customized report, you can count on personalized support to help you along your data exploration. The ECLDS+SLEDS Regional Coaching Network is your nearby, personal resource for better understanding the data available to you in ECLDS.

The network has coaches in all corners of the state, ready to work closely with you to address the technical issues that may arise when accessing, using, and applying data shown on both ECLDS and SLEDS.

If you are new to ECLDS or would like assistance with data analysis, contact a regional data coach close to you.

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Share Your ECLDS Stories

How has ECLDS helped you in your work? Send us your anecdotes, stories, studies, press releases, and photos to help us understand how ECLDS is being used and how it could grow to meet your needs. We appreciate your feedback. Please email your stories to