New Data Published in OHE Reports: Educating for the Future, Getting Prepared

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December 15, 2022

New Data Published in OHE Reports: Educating for the Future, Getting Prepared

Educating for the Future 2022 Update

OHE Educating for the Future Report Cover with photo of diverse group of graduates. Reads "Educating for the Future, 2022 Update"

Educating for the Future offers insight into where Minnesota stands in overall postsecondary attainment. In 2015, the Minnesota Legislature set a target educational attainment goal that 70 percent of Minnesota adults, age 25 to 44, will have earned a postsecondary certificate or degree by 2025. Released in the new report, current estimates show that 63 percent of Minnesotans, age 25 to 44, have completed a postsecondary credential, which has increased from 2015 estimates of 57.5 percent.

In recognition of existing gaps in attainment, the law also sets 30 percent and 50 percent educational attainment benchmarks for all races and ethnicities as interim goals. While Minnesota is making progress towards the 70 percent educational attainment goal, attainment gaps persist among Black, Indigenous, and persons of color. In order for Minnesota to maintain economic growth and ensure continued prosperity, the state and its colleges must engage communities of color and American Indian communities in postsecondary education. 

Click here to view the full report.

Getting Prepared 2021 - Developmental Education Course-Taking of High School Graduates

OHE Report Cover of Getting Prepared 2021 - Developmental Education Course-Taking of High School Graduates

Getting Prepared examines the academic readiness of Minnesota public high school graduates (based on data from graduating classes of 2013-2020), providing enrollment rates of students who are taking developmental courses at Minnesota postsecondary institutions within two years of high school graduation. Developmental education course-taking can be used as a measure of college readiness and can also be referred to as remedial instruction, a term used in Minnesota law.

The report shows that enrollment rates of students taking developmental courses has steadily declined from 2013-2020. This raises the question of whether the decline is due to college-going students becoming more prepared for college, changes in system placement policies, or if the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted developmental education placement, thus decreasing enrollment rates. Note: Data for high school graduation years 2019 and 2020 is preliminary. 

Click here to view the full report.

Veterinarian Loan Repayment Program

Graphic with female veterinarian smiling at cow on a farm. Reads "Minnesota Rural Veterinarian Loan Repayment Program"

Current students or recent graduates of Veterinary Medicine are encouraged to apply for the Minnesota Rural Veterinarian Loan Repayment Program to receive up to $75k toward their student loans. Awarded applicants must commit to serving in a designated rural area in Minnesota. Find details at: Minnesota Rural Veterinarian Loan Repayment Program ( Deadline to apply is Jan. 20, 2023.

Reminder: Deadline for High School CNA Equipment Grant - Dec. 16

As part of the Next Generation Nursing Assistant initiative, a new grant is currently available for Minnesota high schools to purchase up to $5,000 in nurse aid training equipment to support their in-school programs. Minnesota school districts with approved nursing assistant programs are eligible to apply.  Deadline for proposals is Dec. 16, 2022, and equipment must be purchased and received by Feb. 8, 2023.

Find more information in the Request for Proposals Document. High schools may also refer to the Application Template when completing their RFP.

Free Online College Credit Opportunity for High School Students: Intro to Early Childhood

Is a career in early childhood right for you? Free college credits for high school juniors and seniors. "Intro to Early Childhood"

Pine Technical and Community College is offering a FREE online "Intro to Early Childhood" college course for high school juniors and seniors to explore their interests in Early Childhood Ed and earn three college credits. The HyFlex course will be held from Jan. 30 - March 13, 2023 and will allow for students to complete coursework on a flexible schedule.

For more information or steps to apply, contact Annette Weaver at or 320-629-5134.

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