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November 30, 2022

Financial Aid Assistance for Student Parents: Postsecondary Child Care Grant

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As we head into the winter season, many student parents may be thinking about heading back to school and enrolling spring semester in January. To remove potential barriers, the Office of Higher Education administers the Postsecondary Child Care Grant program, which helps low-income students with young children pay for child care while they attend classes at a participating institution. 

Families can receive up to $6,500 per eligible child per academic year. To apply, students can complete the application available on the OHE website and work with their child care provider and school's financial aid office to finalize their award. 

Click to learn more about eligibility and find a list of participating schools.

New Grant for Minnesota High Schools to Purchase Nursing Equipment

Graphic reads "Minnesota High School Nursing Equipment Grant, Apply by December 16" with female nursing student smiling

As part of the Next Generation Nursing Assistant initiative, a new grant is currently available for Minnesota high schools to purchase up to $5,000 in nurse aid training equipment to support their in-school programs. Minnesota school districts with approved nursing assistant programs are eligible to apply. 

Click to view a list of suggested nurse aid training equipment for curriculum instruction and practical training.

Deadline for proposals is Dec. 16, 2022, and equipment must be purchased and received by Feb. 8, 2023.

Find more information in the Request for Proposals Document. High schools may also refer to the Application Template when completing their RFP.

Help your child search and apply for college - Check out tips and resources on MyHigherEd

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Are you a parent of a high school student who is starting to think about their next steps in higher ed? The process of finding the right institution can be confusing and stressful, even for those who have already gone through it. 

It’s no surprise that during your child's junior and senior years, when their life is becoming increasingly hectic, they may depend on you to help and support them with this complex process. Click here to visit MyHigherEd and read our tips tailored to parents to assist in the college search process.

Be sure to check out MyHigherEd’s College Search Tool which offers an easy way to explore Minnesota postsecondary institutions to choose the right college for them.

Do you know someone who’s preparing for college? Share MyHigherEd with them today!


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