Budget Systems Newsletter - April

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April 17, 2023

Budget Systems Newsletter

For users of the Appropriation Maintenance Application (AMA) and Budget Planning and Analysis System (BPAS).

AMA Available to Enter Dedicated Appropriations

AMA is available to establish dedicated appropriations for the 2024-25 biennium in SWIFT. To review dedicated appropriations that are already set up in SWIFT for the current budget period (2023) and copy them into both budget periods of the next biennium, select the Biennium Appropriation radio button on the SWIFT Entry screen. In the Biennium Entry Form Search panel, select your agency and Approp Type 04 – Special – Dedicated, then Search. A list of dedicated appropriations already established in SWIFT will display. Users can review appropriations on the screen and select the ones they want to establish in 2024 and 2025 and Send to Edit for validation; or select all and export to Excel. The Excel export file is helpful for reviewing large amounts of data and can be uploaded to AMA after it’s been reviewed offline.

Watch the instructional videos Create a Biennium Appropriation in AMA and Establishing Appropriations for the Next Biennium: Using the Export and Upload Option for more information and demonstrations.

All AMA training materials are available on the MMB website and include a User Guide, Glossary, and a library of Training Videos.

Annual Budget and Accounting Instructions - Document 1

The Annual Budget and Accounting Instructions - Document 1 is posted to the SWIFT Budget and Accounting Instructions webpage. You can find this document under Establishing Budget Fiscal Year 2024-25 Budgets and Closing Fiscal Year 2023. Document 1 highlights several important tasks agencies must complete to successfully open FY 2024 and close FY 2023.

Budget System User Survey

The Budget System User Survey closes Friday, April 28th. Use the link below to submit your feedback about the 2024-25 Biennial Budget process, training, and your experience using the budget systems.

Survey results provide guidance for process improvements and communication efforts.

Budget System User Survey Link

Capital Budget System (CBS) Preparation

The 2024 Capital Budget process is approaching quickly. If you will be part of the Capital Budget Process, review the items below to get a better understanding of what is needed and what you can expect in the upcoming weeks.

User Authorization
Agency capital budget coordinators and local government users were sent information on how to authorize Capital Budget System (CBS) users. If you will be submitting a project for the 2024 Capital Budget and have not yet verified access to CBS, email budget.finance.mmb@state.mn.us.

Capital Budget Instructions
Soon, MMB will be accepting requests for consideration in the 2024 Capital Budget process. Instructions will be posted on the MMB Capital Budget website in the upcoming weeks and emailed to authorized CBS users. View previous requests on the Previous Capital Budgets webpage.

System Opening
MMB is preparing CBS for state agencies and local governments to submit their project requests for the 2024 Governor’s Capital Budget submission. We will notify users by email when the system is open for entering 2024 requests, which is anticipated to be in early May 2023.

Budget System Tip of the Month: How to Know Your AMA Entry Is Ready in SWIFT and BPAS

AMA uses the SWIFT status field and BPAS status field to communicate where a request is in the SWIFT Request workflow and BPAS request workflow. This tip highlights the two different status fields, which are important to differentiate as they signal when a transaction is loaded into SWIFT and when it is loaded to BPAS.

AMA Status Columns

SWIFT Status: Posted SWIFT
The Posted SWIFT status is part of the SWIFT Request workflow and means the request has been loaded into SWIFT. After the request has a Posted SWIFT status, the new appropriation or the modified appropriation is available in SWIFT.

BPAS Status: Not Posted to BPAS
The Not Posted BPAS status is for SWIFT entry transactions that do not have BPAS updates. In the SWIFT request workflow, the BPAS Status column in AMA indicates if the request has changes that need to be posted to BPAS. The Not Posted BPAS status indicates the transaction did not update BPAS; the Posted BPAS means the transaction did update BPAS. A blank BPAS Status field indicates the transaction has not yet been reviewed by MMB Budget Operations staff. Users do not need to wait for the BPAS Status to be Posted BPAS prior to the new appropriation or the modified appropriation being available in SWIFT.

AMA and BPAS Resources

MMB Budget Operations has many resources available to assist agencies with using AMA and BPAS.

Budget Systems are unavailable during the statewide system maintenance window, every Sunday from 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

Have a question about or a suggestion for improving the budget systems? Email it to Budget Operations at budget.finance.mmb@state.mn.us, Subject: Budget Systems Newsletter.