Budget Systems Newsletter - March 9, 2023

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March 9, 2023

Budget Systems Newsletter

For users of the Appropriation Maintenance Application (AMA) and Budget Planning and Analysis System (BPAS).

Budget System User Survey

We want to hear your feedback about the 2024-25 Biennial Budget process, budget system training, and your experience using the Budget Planning and Analysis System (BPAS) and Departmental Earnings (DE).

Please complete this short, five-minute survey, by clicking the link below. Survey results provide guidance for process improvements and communication efforts.

Budget System User Survey Link

BPAS Open to View February Forecast Data

The Budget Planning and Analysis System (BPAS) is open for all system users to view February Forecast data. The February forecast scenario is available on the appropriation screen and when running standard and fiscal reports.

BPAS Standard Reports with February Forecast Scenario

Governor’s Revised Budget Recommendations

MMB is preparing documents for the Governor’s Revised Budget Recommendations that will be published in March. The publication includes:

  • Agency budget books with Governor’s Revised Budget Recommendations
  • General Fund Balance Analysis Detail and Summary
  • Consolidated Fund Statement

Budget Systems Tip of the Month: Exporting BPAS Data (Part One)

The BPAS reporting module makes it easy for users to export and analyze agency data. The best option for analyzing data is to export standard reports in an excel format and insert a pivot table to summarize data.

Standard Reports with excel export option highlighted

Excel Data Overview
Users will notice similar data fields in each report such as Agency, Fund, and Appropriation ID. In addition to those fields, the fields highlighted below are important to understand when analyzing data.

Budget process data fields define phases and timelines.

Budget process data fields
  • Budget Year (BUDGET_YR): defines the biennial budget being prepared. 2024 is the Budget Year for the 2024-25 Biennial Budget.
  • Budget Cycle (CYCLE): denotes the year, first (biennium) or second (supplemental), within the two-year biennial budget process.
  • Budget Period (BUDGET_PER): Also known as fiscal year. Represents the operating fiscal year for the entered data. A budget period or fiscal year is designated by the year in which it ends.
  • Scenario (SCENARIO_ID): designates the phase within each budget cycle for the entered data. Base and change have separate scenarios. Also, for reporting there are scenarios that combine base and change scenarios.

Account level data fields represent the account hierarchy in BPAS.

Account hierarchy
  • Account (ACCT)
  • Account Type (ACCT_TYPE)
  • Account Group (ACCT_GROUP)
  • Account Category (ACCT_CAT)
  • Account Class (ACCT_CLASS)

Read the BPAS Data and Sources Quick Reference Guide for definitions of each field.

Excel Pivot Tables
Pivot tables are great for large amounts of data because they summarize the data and allow users to easily adjust variables to view patterns or trends.

After inserted, the pivot table fields are listed in a panel on the left. Users select or drag fields to use as either a filter, column, row, or value.

The Pivot Table below lists Appropriations that have Transfers In and includes the transfer amounts for each budget year. Notice how users could easily toggle between different account categories by changing the filter dropdown at the top and add or change the field areas to view different data summaries.

pivot table

The Standard Reports Training Video includes a demonstration of Pivot Tables. Watch the segment by clicking the link: https://youtu.be/T0bHMhgsFcc?t=624.

Stay tuned to our next newsletter where we will break down which BPAS reports agencies should run and keep on file for next biennium.

AMA and BPAS Resources

MMB Budget Operations has many resources available to assist agencies with using AMA and BPAS.

Budget Systems are unavailable during the statewide system maintenance window, every Sunday from 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

Have a question about or a suggestion for improving the budget systems? Email it to Budget Operations at budget.finance.mmb@state.mn.us, Subject: Budget Systems Newsletter.