AMA Tips for Establishing FY2022-23 Budgets

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July 2, 2021

Budget Systems Newsletter

For users of the Appropriation Maintenance Application (AMA) system.

Why do I have to save each record on the AMA Edit screen?

AMA Edit Screen Icons Pencil and Floppy Disk

AMA does not batch validate transactions; users must edit each transaction (pencil icon) and then save it (floppy disk icon) to trigger AMA's validation of all appropriation attributes before the transaction can be submitted for approval.



AMA Validation and the Biennium Excel Upload Feature

Edit Screen Required Message

The Biennium Appropriation Entry Form’s Excel Upload feature is an alternate way to send transactions to the Edit Screen. Designed to streamline the changes and entries made on the Edit Screen, this option allows Agencies to complete appropriation amount entries and legal citation updates in an Excel export file and then upload the file to the Edit Screen. The Excel Upload process does a preliminary check of each record but does not perform a complete validation. In most cases, entries uploaded using the Excel Upload will be ready to save immediately after they’re opened in Edit mode and won’t be flagged for correction. But some fields like the Fund Balance Classification are not fully validated until the entry is opened on the Edit Screen.

Warning: Duplicate Appropriation Entries on Edit Screen

AMA Floppy Disk Icon

If your agency uses the Excel Upload feature to set up appropriations for the Biennium, please take care to click only once when saving an AMA transaction on the Edit screen. If you double-click the floppy disk icon for a Biennium Appropriation entry uploaded from Excel, it’s possible for AMA to duplicate the entry. You will have two transactions for the same Approp ID and Budget Period, each with a different transaction ID number. If this occurs, just delete the duplicate entry from the Edit screen. If the duplicate is not caught before it’s submitted, approve only one and deny the “extra” with the comment “Duplicate transaction error.” 

When are appropriation amounts left blank in AMA?

Dedicated Appropriations (Type 04) do not have an Amount, therefore, the Amount field is disabled on the AMA Edit Screen when the appropriation’s Type Code is 04. The amount of receipts deposited or transferred into a Dedicated Appropriation, together with the appropriation's budget authority, are what control the spending from the appropriation. See the AMA Glossary under Approp Types for a list of all appropriation types and definitions.

Which appropriations require an Alt Date?

AMA only requires the Alt Date field for appropriation type codes 02 and 03. This field should be left blank for all other appropriation types unless there is specific instruction from MMB.

The Alt Date field is used to record and track the end date for capital appropriations (Type 02-continuing) or for direct appropriations that have an end date beyond the current biennium (Type 03-special). If a Type 03 appropriation is available until expended, the agency may use the last date available on the dropdown list of 6/30/2099. If the type 03 appropriation has a specific end date, the agency must change the Type Code from 03 to 01 in the final year so the balance cancels at the end of the budget period.

Can I reuse an old appropriation ID?

Agencies must not reuse or recycle Appropriation IDs for a different program, purpose, or activity.

When copying an appropriation from an earlier budget period, the transaction must use the same Fund Code and DeptID used in prior years. AMA will enforce the correct Fund Code and DeptID if you use AMA’s Copy Existing Appropriation Entry Form.

If you are manually appending an Appropriation ID to an AMA Biennium Excel Export file, be sure to review the appropriation’s Fund Code and DeptID first to ensure a match with prior-year appropriations. If you enter the wrong Fund Code or DeptID, the error will not be identified when the Excel file is uploaded into AMA, nor will it be caught by the validations on the AMA Edit Screen. Agency Assistance will deny the transaction during the load-to-SWIFT process, and you will need to submit a new one with the correct Fund Code and/or DeptID.

You can use AMA’s SWIFT Entry Form to look up an Approp ID’s Fund Code and DeptID. Select either the Modify or Copy Existing Appropriation radio button; select the Agency, From and To Budget Period range, and enter the Approp ID, then click Search. You can also review this information on the Appropriation Overview screen in SWIFT.

AMA Resources

MMB Budget Operations has a number of offerings to assist agencies with using AMA to prepare their appropriations for the 2022-23 biennium.

  • A library of 11 AMA training videos is available on MMB’s website. The videos provide instruction on all of AMA’s functions and have in-system demonstrations.
  • The AMA User Guide and AMA Glossary are available on MMB’s website and also linked in the help menu within AMA. These are excellent resources for new and experienced users.
  • One-on-one assistance on the AMA system is available by appointment. Email to request a time.

Have a question about or a suggestion for improving the budget systems? Email it to Budget Operations at, Subject: Budget Systems Newsletter.