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December 22, 2020

Budget Systems Newsletter

For users of the AMA, BPAS, and CBS budget systems.

New BPAS Release Enhances Budget Change Data

The second release of BPAS updates for the 2022-23 biennial budget cycle features Change Item data enhancements. These new features will be available to users when their BPAS user role is granted security access to the Governor’s Recommendation scenario. An instructional video, Change Items: Entering Funding Detail Data, includes in-system demonstrations and can be viewed now on the MMB website. [https://mn.gov/mmb/budget/statewide-budget-systems/bpas/bpas-training-videos.jsp]

Change Funding Detail Screen

Governor’s Recommendation Transfers Out change entries now capture both sides of intra- and inter-agency transfers, linking the “From” Change Item and appropriation to a specific “To” Change Item and appropriation. The Change Funding Detail screen still displays Net Transfers, total Transfers In and total Transfers Out. But now users will enter Transfers Out from a separate “Appropriation – Transfer” screen, just like base Transfers Out entries on the Appropriation Entry, Edit screen.  To open the Change Detail Transfer screen, select the Appropriation-Transfer tab or either hyperlink in the “Transfers In” or “Transfers Out” label:

BPAS Change Item Transfer Entry 1

The Transfer screen grid displays both Base and Governor’s Recommendation Change data for Transfers In (read-only) and Transfers Out. Agencies can enter change data for a new Transfer Out or modify an existing (Base) Transfer Out. 

BPAS Change Item Transfer Screen

Entering Change Item transfers functions the same as entering appropriation transfers on Appropriation Edit/Entry screen.  The only difference occurs when selecting the transfer out appropriation from the the Transfer Out - Add Approp panel.  The Change Item ID containing the transfer must also be selected.  

BPAS Change Item Transfer Choose CI ID

For detailed instructions, view the instructional video, Change Items: Entering Funding Detail Data, on the MMB website.

Report Updates

The new Change Detail transfer data will be included in Governor’s Recommendation scenario for all Standard reports that include Transfer data; and in the Financing by Fund fiscal reports—Agency, Program and Activity levels.

Balance Forward In amounts for Estimated budget years will be included in Governor’s Recommendation Change scenario Standard Reports. Previously, these reports displayed only Base data for this dynamically-calculated BPAS account. Balance Forward In accounts for Estimated Fiscal Years are auto-calculated equal to the Balance Forward Out account amount entered the previous Fiscal Year.

Supported Browsers

IE-11 and Chrome are the supported browsers for the best experience when using the budget systems. MMB Budget Operations tests all updates and fixes to AMA, BPAS, CBS and DE, in IE-11 and Chrome. While you may be able to use other browsers, such as Edge and Firefox, to log in to the Administrative Portal (HUB) and launch the budget systems, we cannot guarantee that other browsers will support all features of the budget systems. There are known issues with AMA and Edge and Firefox browsers.

Budget Operations is now considering expanding its system testing to include Edge. Look for updates on the budget systems’ supported browsers in future Budget Systems Newsletters.

Access to Budget Systems

To add access to BPAS, CBS, DE, or MMB’s Budget Division SharePoint site for an agency employee, your agency budget coordinator must submit a budget systems user authorization form to MMB Budget Operations at budget.finance.mmb@state.mn.us. REMINDER: The Legislative Budget Office (LBO) controls access to the Fiscal Note Tracking System (FNTS) and has its own FNTS authorization form.

Have a question about or a suggestion for improving the budget systems? Email it to Budget Operations at budget.finance.mmb@state.mn.us, Subject: Budget Systems Newsletter.