Budget Systems Newsletter

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October 22, 2019

Budget Systems Newsletter

For users of the AMA, BPAS, CBS, and FNTS budget systems.

Budget Systems Unavailable over Thanksgiving Holiday

The SWIFT, Self Service and Administrative Portal upgrade begins on Wednesday, November 27 at 4:30 PM and continues through Sunday, December 1. During this time, the Budget Systems will be unavailable. All statewide systems will be back on line no later than Monday, December 2. Please plan ahead.

New Admin Portal URL

As part of the Administrative Portal upgrade, the portal URL will be replaced with a “vanity” URL. A “vanity” URL is a shorter URL that is more descriptive and automatically redirects a user to the application. Don’t wait until after the upgrade to update your browser Favorites. You can replace the current URL with the new Administrative Portal vanity URL now: http://mn.gov/adminportal.

To further assist our effort, please inventory your agency documents, web pages and communications. Identify where URL changes are needed. Then, coordinate with your IT and communications staff to make these changes. See the SWIFT, Self Service, and Administrative Portal Upgrade website for additional information.

Questions? Contact swift.project@state.mn.us.

How Will the Administrative Portal Upgrade Impact Budget Systems Users?

The upgrade will not change how users log in to the budget systems. The steps are the same. The look and “feel” of the Administrative Portal will change. A video guide to the new Portal’s features can be viewed here. Continue reading here for instructions and pictures tailored to budget systems users.

Step 1: Open the Administrative Portal and enter your username and password

Portal Login Page

Step 2: Look for the Budget Applications tile on the Portal Homepage:

Portal Homepage

Step 3: Select the Budget Applications tile.

Budget Applications Tile

The Budget Applications page opens. It displays a tile for each system you are authorized to access:

Budget Systems Tiles Wide

Step 4: Select a budget system’s tile:

Budget Systems Tiles Close Up

The home page of the system you select opens in a new, separate browser tab:

BPAS Session View

When you log out, or when your budget system session expires, the system’s login screen displays. Enter your User Name and Password, then select Login to resume your budget system session:

BPAS Login Screen

Step 5:  You can return to the Administrative Portal from the Budget Applications page. Select the “Budget Applications” browser tab

Budget Applications Tab

On the Budget Applications page, select Home to return to the Admin Portal homepage.

New Toolbar

Have a question about or a suggestion for improving the budget systems? Email it to Budget Operations at budget.finance.mmb@state.mn.us, Subject: Budget Systems Newsletter.