A message from Mayor Wiersum

City of Minnetonka

A message from Mayor Wiersum

Dear Minnetonka residents,

Greetings and best wishes. This is such a difficult time. I feel like we’re moving on two contradicting paths. Summer is racing by, as usual, but the pandemic – along with its dangers and restrictions – drones on with no end in sight.

Everything that accompanies COVID-19 – the news, restrictions, uncertainty, changes – weighs on us and adds an unrelenting level of stress to our lives. This is hard. Really hard. It affects every single one of us. Though the impacts may vary, we truly are in this together. This week I want to focus on ways we can successfully navigate through these uncharted waters.

Here are some things I’m doing to cope in these difficult times. I hope some of the suggestions help you as we battle this unprecedented foe.

  • Only worry about what you can control, and work to deal with the rest.
  • Break the monotony. Try something new and different every day.
  • Be kind. Find a way to perform an act of kindness daily. It will make someone else feel better and will make you feel good about yourself. A win-win.
  • Volunteer. Many people are hurting because of this pandemic. Find an organization or cause to help out and give back. Like the previous suggestion, you will help others and yourself simultaneously.
  • Get outside every day. During COVID-19, outdoors is safer. Plus, Minnetonka (and Minnesota) summers should truly be enjoyed. Explore a new local park or trail, or return to an old favorite.
  • Take time for yourself. Be sure to take at least a few minutes each day for yourself. Do a favorite activity, or simply relax and recharge. We can’t “deal with the rest” or care for those around us if we don’t take care of ourselves.

To close, I offer these regular reminders. Stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands often, socially distance, wear a mask, follow CDC guidelines and try to stay active and positive. The busier we are, the less we dwell on our challenging circumstances. That will be important as we move through the uncertainty ahead. We will get through this.

Be safe, be kind and be well. You remain in my continued thoughts and prayers.


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Brad Wiersum
City of Minnetonka

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