A message from the mayor

City of Minnetonka

A message from Mayor Wiersum

To our Minnetonka community:

Our journey with coronavirus takes another significant step as Governor Walz’s “Stay at Home” order goes into effect tonight at 11:59 p.m. through April 10. Thanks to all who have already been practicing this important social distancing tactic. I empathize with the difficulties and sacrifices this order brings our community, but know it’s essential to slow the spread and save lives. That is what all of this extraordinary effort is about – saving lives. You all have my appreciation and support.

The governor’s order needs to be taken extremely seriously. Stay at home, and only leave if it’s absolutely essential. If you do need to leave your home, go alone, maintain at least six feet between you and others and strictly follow CDC guidelines. Each of our personal behaviors make a difference – our actions will make this crisis either more or less costly to ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our community. Be smart and vigilant about your behavior.

From a city government and business standpoint, please know we’ll continue to deliver essential services with a focus on public safety and utilities. All city employees who can work remotely continue to do so. It’s important to us to continue serving our community during this difficult time.

On a positive note, we plan to resume city council meetings remotely using technology. Thank you to city staff – especially our IT team – for making this a reality. We hope you’ll join our first digital meeting on April 6 to help maintain a much-needed sense of community and purpose. Stay tuned for details on how to participate.

In this difficult time, I urge you to remain optimistic as you fulfill your responsibility to your family, your neighbors and yourself. Approaching the “Stay at Home” mandate with the right mindset will make all the difference. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!”

I don’t just think we can – I know we can. I have tremendous confidence in the residents of Minnetonka. We will continue to get through this together. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

All the best,

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Brad Wiersum
City of Minnetonka

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