COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Weekly Updates

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COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Weekly Updates

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February 9, 2023


Future of COVID-19 vaccine distribution

The Biden Administration recently announced the national COVID-19 public health emergency is expected to end May 11. As the public health emergency ends and the federal government stops purchasing COVID-19 vaccine, providers will eventually need to purchase the vaccine on the private market – called commercialization. The need for providers to start purchasing vaccine won’t happen immediately on May 11.

The exact timeline for commercialization is unknown, but providers should start to prepare to purchase COVID-19 vaccine if they will continue to vaccinate once federally purchased vaccine supply is depleted. Providers enrolled in the Vaccine for Children (VFC) Program will be able to get COVID-19 vaccine for eligible children through that program. Funds have not been appropriated to serve uninsured adults at this time. We will provide updates as we receive more information pertaining to the specifics on how commercialization will impact COVID-19 vaccines in Minnesota.

Reconcile COVID-19 vaccine inventory

To best utilize vaccine stock and reduce wastage, it is important to reconcile your inventory. Please review your inventory and report all nonviable doses to MIIC. If you have excess inventory that you will not use, report it using our Smartsheet tool: COVID-19 Vaccine Available for Redistribution so it can be redistributed to other parts of the state. This is increasingly important as currently available vaccine expires and in preparation for commercialization. 

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