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February 2019

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Top 20 Food Code changes for businesses

Minnesota’s Food Code has been revised and there are important changes you need to know about.

Business owners, managers and food workers will benefit from reading the documents below outlining the 20 major changes to the Minnesota Food Code.

There are many more changes in the new Food Code than what are listed in those documents. Visit the Minnesota Department of Health website for the complete revised code.

Updates to Hennepin County's food ordinance (Ordinance 3) have been proposed. A public hearing was held at the Hennepin County Health and Human Services Committee on February 12th. There were no comments or questions on the proposed changes to the ordinance from members of the public. The county board will vote on whether to accept the revisions to the ordinance in late February.

The Food Safety Partnership (FSP) of Minnesota posted a food code training video from their most recent meeting. It highlights the 20 major changes to the food code.

New required sex trafficking prevention training for licensed lodging establishments

A recent law was passed in Minnesota that now requires sex trafficking prevention training for all lodging establishments operating in Minnesota with a hotel/motel license designation. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Minnesota Lodging Association created a Sex Trafficking Prevention and Response Training package for hotels and motels to meet the requirements of this law. Any additional trainings provided by hotels, police departments and other organizations can be used as a supplement for the ongoing awareness campaign for employees but will not substitute for initial or annual training.

The law requires hotel and motel operators to do the following:

  • Ensure all owners, managers, and employees who work on site receive training to identify sex trafficking in their establishments and know how to respond.
    • Initial training for existing owners, managers, and staff is required by November 28, 2018, and then on a yearly basis after that; there is a six month grace period for the first year implemented.
    • New employees must receive this training within 90 days of hire.
    • See the statute for some exceptions.
  • Post and maintain the approved poster (part of the Minnesota Hotel Training Package - see below) with information on sex trafficking in hotels. The poster must be placed in a location visible to all staff.
  • Conduct an ongoing awareness campaign for employees.

During your routine inspections, inspectors will be asking to see the poster, as well as documentation showing staff have completed the training within the allocated time frame, which can be documented through an employee roster or in each employee's file.

To access the Minnesota Hotel Training Package, you will first need to fill out a request form on the MDH website located at The request form will ask you a few questions about your hotel or motel and your role. Once you have completed the questions, you will be given a link to the Minnesota Hotel Training Package site where you can download the training and supporting materials, along with instructions on providing the training. 

The Minnesota Department of Health created a webinar on YouTube providing information on sex trafficking training in hotels/motels.

For questions, please contact our office at 612-543-5200 or

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