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June 2018

CES Scoop



In the June Scoop, we will cover:

  • Data Review!
  • Assessor Training Information
  • Removing from the Priority List: Can I, Should I, Will I?
  • Intervention Spotlight:

Data Review

The graphs below layout the total number of new assessments added to the priority lists (inflow) and the total number of referrals made to housing providers (outflow) since 2016, broken down by quarter.

Singles data
  • The average number of referrals made per quarter: 337. 
  • 1382 individuals are on the singles priority list currently waiting for a referral currently.
  • Average length of time from assessment to referral is 175 days.
Families Data
  • Average number of referrals per quarter: 146 families.
  • 77 families on the priority list waiting for a referral currently.   
  • 75% of the assessed families that have been assessed are prioritized for PSH; the bulk of vacancies reported are RRH. 

Upcoming Assessor Training

Are you a current assessor that would like a refresher training on what makes a good assessment or are you wanting a review of Long Term Homeless and Chronically homeless definitions? Are you an assessing agency that has new staff that need to be trained? Details for the next Metro Wide Assessor Training can be found on the Streetworks website by clicking here. To register please email CES.Hennepin@hennepin.us.

Removing Someone from the Priority List

 It is important for both assessors and housing providers to help keep the Priority List up to date. Coordinated Entry will only work if everyone does their part to update the Priority List.

Housing Providers: If you’ve received a housing referral and cannot locate the household after at least 2 weeks, or you find out that the household no longer needs service through Coordinated Entry, take the extra step to remove them from the Priority List.

Assessors: If you’ve assessed someone and you learn that they no longer need services through Coordinated Entry, take the extra step to remove them from the Priority List.

How do I remove a household from the priority list? Add a corresponding ‘Exit date’ to their Coordinated Entry Assessment, located in the Entry/Exit tab of HMIS.

But a person might still need help...If the household resurfaces in the Hennepin County homeless response system (they are in need of housing and are sheltering or staying in a place not meant for human habitation), they can easily be added back to the priority with no detriment to their prioritization/eligibility for a housing referral. Date added to the priority list does not have an effect on prioritization.

Intervention Spotlight

Each month the coordinated entry team will be shining a spotlight on different interventions that exist within the Coordinated Entry System. This month we will be highlighting Rapid Re-Housing.  

Rapid-Rehousing (RRH)

Rapid rehousing helps people experiencing homelessness to:

  • Find and move into private market housing fast
  • Pay moving and housing costs short-term (usually less than 6 months for single adults, less than 12 months for families, and less than 18 months for young households)
  • Resolve issues threatening housing stability and connect to jobs and on-going supports

Rapid rehousing in Hennepin County is funded by many sources, including McKinney-Vento (CoC), Emergency Solutions Grants, Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program, Runaway and Homeless Youth Act, and other local funds.

Deeper Dive? Check out: https://endhomelessness.org/resource/rapid-re-housing-infographic/

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