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hennepin health quarterly newsletter

  April 2017

Hennepin Health Outreach Update

Winter didn’t stop Hennepin Health’s outreach team from being out and about in the community! 2018 started off strong with the team participating in 42 outreach and tabling events from January through March. Two events that were very well attended included North Hennepin Community College’s 2018 Spring Community Connections Resource Fair on March 28 and House of Charity’s food center tabling event on March 30.

The goal of attending North Hennepin Community College’s resource fair was to bring awareness about Hennepin Health to a younger population. Students showed a genuine interest in learning more about Hennepin Health and asked many questions. While the majority of those who utilize House of Charity’s services are already Hennepin Health members, tabling there provides an opportunity for the outreach team to share information and answer questions in person. At this most recent event, some members received assistance with getting connected to Delta Dental, along with incentive vouchers that can be redeemed following dental care.

A couple of upcoming events to note that Hennepin Health’s outreach team will be at are the Cinco de Mayo Festival on May 13 and NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center’s outdoor market that will be held every other Friday starting May 18 from 9 a.m. until noon in Northpoint’s parking lot. The outdoor market ends in September.

Making A Difference To Our Members

Amy Kalal

Hennepin Health member services representatives assist members day in and day out with a variety of needs, but it’s not often that staff receive in-person recognition from the members they help. In early March, Hennepin Health’s member services supervisor, Amy Kalal (left), answered a call from a member who was having trouble understanding Hennepin Health’s transportation policy. While the member used a bus pass for most of his transportation needs, he needed a taxi that day because the bus didn’t run to his outpatient treatment in Plymouth. 

Within minutes, it became clear to Amy that he was in crisis. The member had a lot going on in his personal life and the added stress made it difficult for him to understand the transportation policy and express his needs on that day. Amy explained the policy as clearly as she could, making sure he truly understood. Throughout the course of their conversation, the member shared more about his struggles, including that he was very worried about being discharged from treatment if he didn’t make it to his session. He was trying to regain custody of his youngest children and being sober is a requirement for him to do so. He also shared that his older child had just been admitted to the Hennepin County Medical Center psychiatric unit and broke down sobbing. Amy offered words of comfort and once the member gained his composure, she finished setting up the transportation he needed. At the end of the call, the member apologized for breaking down, but Amy told him there was no need to apologize and that she was happy to help.

Fast-forward to a month or so later when the member came into Hennepin Health’s walk-in service center. He was waiting outside the doors with luggage before the service center was open for the day, telling a couple of member services representatives who passed by that he was here to see “Amy.” He needed to reload his bus pass, but also wanted to give Amy a hug and thank her for being so caring. He said he really needed someone to be kind in that moment and went on to explain that he had luggage with him because he just got back from visiting his two younger children in Illinois who he sees every other weekend. The member also shared that his hospitalized son was doing better, and his own outpatient treatment was continuing to go well. He gave Amy a second hug and away he went.

Reflecting on this experience, Amy says, “Hennepin Health’s member services team provides great service every day. The nature of our work with members is often very transactional – setting up transportation, for example. When we get feedback like this from a member, it’s very heartwarming. It reminds us of the big difference we can make in our members’ lives. I enjoy leaving here each day knowing that even the smallest gesture by me can have a positive impact on another human being.”

Introducing Hennepin Healthcare

In March 2018, Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) introduced a new brand – Hennepin Healthcare – to better identify its full system of care. The new brand reflects the growth from a downtown medical center and clinics into an integrated care system that includes HCMC; the Hennepin Healthcare Clinic and Specialty Center; neighborhood clinics and pharmacies in Minneapolis and across the west metro area; home nursing care and hospice; population health; the Advantage and Horizon care networks; an innovation center; a philanthropic foundation; a research foundation and more.

The Hennepin Healthcare brand conveys a clear, cohesive identity within the community that will help patients see the multiple ways they can get care across the system. A new tagline – We’re here for life. – expresses Hennepin Healthcare’s commitment to providing a breadth of quality health care services that meet patients’ needs throughout their life.

Hennepin Healthcare Clinic & Specialty Center

The Hennepin Healthcare Clinic & Specialty Center, located at 715 S. 8th Street, brings together an array of outstanding primary and specialty care clinics and services in a contemporary and convenient downtown Minneapolis location. The Clinic & Specialty Center is home to 26 primary care and specialty clinics.

Hennepin Healthcare providers are recognized for clinical care and research, and committed to serving patients with compassion and expertise. Because convenient access is important, the Clinic & Specialty Center brings Hennepin Healthcare’s providers and services together in one building, making it easy for patients with multiple health concerns or those who want to see more than one provider during a visit. It also enhances the ability of providers to collaborate on patient care, resulting in better medical outcomes.

In addition to primary and specialty care clinics, the Clinic & Specialty Center offers a same-day surgery and procedure floor; a comprehensive cancer center; diagnostic and imaging services; a pharmacy; the Delta Dental Oral Health Center; an optical shop; laboratory services and much more.

Check out the new logo and learn more about Hennepin Healthcare's story!


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