Wayzata Boulevard reconstruction update

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wayzata boulevard reconstruction

County Road 112 in Long Lake and Orono

Construction progresses on Wayzata Boulevard

Heavy snow in mid-April created challenges for crews and delayed some of the planned construction activities. However, crews are making progress where they can.

Concrete work begins at Lake Street

Starting the week of April 30, crews will begin curb, apron and sidewalk work along Lake Street. 

First, we will remove existing concrete. Then, the surface will be graded to prepare for the new concrete. Forms will be constructed to outline the new curbs, apron and sidewalks. Finally, crews will pour the concrete and let it cure.

When concrete pouring begins, curbs and gutters will be done first, followed by driveway aprons, and then sidewalks. With new concrete, curing time is needed to get it up to the strength needed to support traffic.

Weather permitting, we anticipate work on Lake Street to take around a month to complete

Preliminary construction activities continue in phase 2 area

By the end of this week, tree and shrub clearing inside the county right-of-way will be completed on Wayzata Boulevard (County Road 112) between Wolf Pointe Trail and Luce Line Trail underpass.

Next week, we are continuing preliminary work on Wayzata Boulevard between Wolf Pointe Trail and Wayzata Boulevard West in preparation for staging traffic when reconstruction begins. Work will include:

  • removing concrete medians along the eastern end of Wayzata Boulevard
  • removing road signs, lane stripes and guardrails to realign the roadway for construction
  • patching up the roadway along the southern half 

You will see crews staging the area with signage, equipment and barriers. Please use caution and slow down as you travel through the area.

Reconstruction begins week of May 7

Starting the week of May 7, reconstruction work will begin between Wolf Pointe Trail and Wayzata Boulevard West.

For the first few weeks, we will be removing pavement and improving the soil where the road is expected to be temporarily widened to accommodate traffic. Soil improvements work will include leveling out the soil to create a solid and supportive road base during construction.

Like last year, we will be reconstructing the road one half at a time in order to allow people driving to get through during construction.

Getting around and staying safe

Wayzata Boulevard will remain open for local access. This means you will still be able to travel to get to your home, place of work or favorite business in the construction area, but be prepared for changes in pavement surfaces like gravel and traffic configurations. In addition, at least one pedestrian access route will be maintained at all times.

Speed limit enforcement changes and construction signs along phase 2

Throughout the phase 2 work area, a 35 mile per hour construction zone speed limit will be enforced starting the end of this week. New speed limit signage will be posted between Wolf Pointe Trail and Highway 12 ramps.

The change is being made to ensure the safety of people at all times, and will remain in place until reconstruction is completed. 

It is important to follow posted speed limits and construction signs in this area, including during the evenings and weekends. 

Traffic changes, construction crews, equipment and work areas near the roadway can demand extra attention from road users.

Construction hours in Long Lake and Orono

With reconstruction work begins in Long Lake and Orono, area residents and businesses will notice different end times to construction due to noise ordinances of each city.

In Orono, the construction hours are:

Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In Long Lake, the construction hours are:

Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There will be times throughout the project where work will end later than construction hours or will continue on overnight. Any construction work scheduled for after-hours or overnight will go through the proper approval process.

Expect dust, noise and vibrations in the construction area

You will begin seeing crews use large construction equipment throughout construction, creating dust, noise and slight vibrations. Dust, noise and vibrations are a normal part of a construction project.

The project team is working in accordance with noise ordinances set by both cities of Long Lake and Orono. The team also has a vibration control plan and vibration monitors, if necessary, to use along the corridor to make sure that vibrations stay within standard acceptable limits. Dust is being monitored and controlled in order to keep levels at a minimum.





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