Wayzata Boulevard reconstruction update

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wayzata boulevard reconstruction

County Road 112 in Long Lake and Orono

First year of construction nearing end

Over the next month, crews will begin wrapping up the first year of the Wayzata Boulevard (County Road 112) reconstruction.

Crews will continue to work hard to have Wayzata Boulevard fully reopened between Willow Drive and Mill Street. The goal is to have it opened by late November.

Between Mill Street and Wolf Pointe Trail, crews will work along Long Lake, including placing structural walls and additional erosion control measures along the shoreline to keep the road stable and the lake clean.

At this point in the construction season, crews are always eager to get as much work done as possible. However, weather becomes a challenge and activity will need to draw to a close.

Final paving begins first week of November

Starting the first week of November, weather permitting, crews will begin paving the final layer of asphalt, or wear course, on Wayzata Boulevard between Willow Drive and Mill Street. Paving is expected to take up to a week.

Expect delays

The paving will be completed under traffic. This means crews will be working alongside traffic. Lane restrictions, including intermittent intersection access delays, and traffic configuration changes will occur during the paving process.

During this time, it is important to follow the speed limits and signs, and stay alert in this area. Traffic changes, construction crews and equipment on the roadway will require your extra attention.

Expect noise and vibrations

Residents and businesses in the area should be aware that this work will be noisy and there will be vibrations. Paving is loud and involves a lot of truck operations. The vibrating roller used to smooth out and compact the pavement often shakes the ground.

Additional work to follow

Once the wear course is paved, additional work needs to be completed before Wazyata Boulevard can safely reopen all lanes, including:

  • Striping, pavement markings and signage 
  • Pouring sidewalks downtown
  • Installing traffic and street lights

    Current construction activities

    Willow Drive to Brown Road

    Sidewalk work continues

    With a majority of the concrete work completed and the first two layers of asphalt paved on the southern half of Wayzata Boulevard (County Road 112), crews began forming and pouring sidewalks just west of Brown Road (County Road 146) this week.

    We anticipate completing concrete work in two weeks before opening it up for people to use.

    Brown Road to Mill Street

    Concrete work underway

    Earlier this week, crews began concrete work by pouring new curbs and gutters along the northern half between the creek crossing and Mill Street. Weather permitting, this work is expected to be completed by next week.

    When crews finish pouring curbs and gutters, new sidewalks and aprons through driveway entrances will be poured. First, forms will be constructed to outline where the sidewalks and aprons will be poured. Then, crews will pour the concrete and let it cure.

    Concrete work is expected to take around three weeks to complete.


    New curbs were poured along the northern half between creek crossing and Mill Street.

    Paving begins next Tuesday

    On Tuesday, October 31, weather permitting, the first two layers of asphalt will be paved along the northern half of Wayzata Boulevard between the creek crossing and Mill Street.

    Side street access and driveways to close intermittently

    During paving operations, access to Lake and Mill streets and business driveways along the northern half will intermittently close.

    Crews will keep at least one of the side streets open to ensure people have access to businesses and their homes during this time.

    new traffic lights

    New traffic lights are installed at the Lake Street intersection. Once Lake Street is fully reconstructed, the lights will be operational.

    Upcoming construction activities

    For the next few weeks, crews will complete numerous roadway and utility activities.

    The following is a brief overview for the next few weeks.

    Willow Drive to Mill Street

    • Placing topsoil along the boulevards
    • Installing street lights
    • Activating new traffic signals

    Mill Street to Wolf Pointe Trail

    • Excavating along the Long Lake shoreline
    • Placing structural walls and soil slopes for shoreline erosion control

    Getting around

    Access to businesses

    As activities continue near business areas, we remind people that access is being maintained to all local businesses.

    Staying safe

    It is important to follow posted speed limits and construction signs to help you navigate through work zone, including evenings and weekends. Please allow yourself some extra time to reach destinations in the area.





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