Lawn Watering Restrictions Reminder

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Lawn Watering Restrictions Reminder

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Lawn watering uses a significant portion of Eden Prairie's water supply and the heatwave we're experiencing has caused water consumption in Eden Prairie to spike over the past week.

It is important that residents and businesses follow the City's year-round lawn watering restrictions to ensure there is enough water for all uses, including vital services such as fighting fires.

According to City Ordinance Chapter 3.3 §12, homes and businesses must adhere to the following lawn watering schedules:

  • If your home or business address ends with an odd number, watering is permitted on odd-numbered days of the month
  • If your home or business address ends with an even number, watering is permitted on even-numbered days of the month
  • No lawn irrigation is permitted from noon to 5 p.m.

Watering restrictions are enforced and fines for violating the City ordinance are issued in amounts according to the number of violations issued to the property owner in the previous three years. Fines range from $25 for a first offense to $200 for a fourth offense, and $300 for each additional offense.


  • Car washing
  • Children’s water toys
  • Private wells
  • Watering of flower beds, as long as the activity is attended
  • Lawn watering for 30 days after the installation of new sod or landscaping (permit required) – however this is still prohibited from noon to 5 p.m.

More information about Eden Prairie’s water use restrictions and lawn watering tips are available at