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March 2020

Recently Completed Projects

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Guide for Converting Distressed Paved Roads to Unpaved Roads

Many low-volume roads constructed in the 1970s and 1980s have aged and deteriorated, requiring significant maintenance; however, local agency budgets cannot meet all the resurfacing needs. Working with an advisory panel of road managers from local agencies, researchers developed a practitioner-ready guide for converting severely distressed low-volume paved roads to improved, easily maintained gravel roads. The guide includes decision-making tools, an online webinar for training and tools for communicating with the public.

These resources are available on the research project page.



Implementing E-Construction in Preliminary Design

Using an existing road project in Carver County, researchers showed how e-construction, also called Civil Integrated Management (CIM), could have saved 40 workdays of project development. The study offers next steps that agencies can take to implement the best practices presented in this virtual pilot and transition toward Civil Integrated Management.

For more information, visit the research project page.


Rout and Seal

Rout-and-Seal Offers Slight Cost Benefit Over Clean-and-Seal Repairs

Researchers compared clean-and-seal asphalt pavement crack repairs to rout-and-seal repairs. Survey results, construction data and field evaluation of new repairs and their performance over two years gave rout-and-seal a slight cost–benefit edge over clean-and-seal. Decision trees were developed that allow planners and repair crews to select an appropriate repair method.

For more information, visit the research project page.



Study Validates Practice of Reducing Binder in CIR Mixtures on Hot Days

Researchers examined the practice of reducing the binder content of cold in-place asphalt recycling mixtures in the field on especially hot days to improve workability. Laboratory testing of mixtures at various temperatures and binder levels found the practice keeps mixtures workable, improves compaction and does not significantly diminish performance.

For more information, visit the research project page.


Temporary roadside turf irrigation

OPERA Grant: Edina Builds Temporary Roadside Turf Irrigation System

The City of Edina Engineering Department built and tested a temporary roadside turf irrigation system with inexpensive common parts for the roadsides of a smaller city road and utilities reconstruction projects as a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to water truck irrigation.

For more information, visit Minnesota LTAP.


John and Thomas at the LRRB booth at the Minnesota Transportation Conference

Minnesota Transportation Conference

The Local Road Research Board partnered with MnDOT’s Office of Research & Innovation to host a booth at the Minnesota Transportation Conference on March 3-4. We loved getting to connect with so many of you! We had recent guidebooks and flash drives loaded with recent projects. We also asked attendees, “What’s the next innovation in transportation?” 

Mark Ray, Steve Bot, Renae Kuehl, Chris Trboyevich, Mike Marti, and Kaye Bieniek shared about three recently completed projects in their session, "LRRB: National Award Project, Highlights, and Sneak Preview".

Meeting Dates

  • Local Road Research Board: March 25, 2020