Forms published to eDocs (March 2024)

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Forms published to eDocs

March 2024

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DHS-1609-ENG Nonreceipt/Replacement Request

DHS-3550-ENG Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program Application

DHS-4795-ENG Minnesota Child Care Assistance Programs Quality Differential Rate Request Form

DHS-7218-ENG Swaddling Consent for an Infant

DHS-7307-ENG Housing Focused Person-Centered Plan

DHS-7356B-ENG Child Care Assistance Program Accuracy Review - Service Authorization 

DHS-7941-ENG Withdrawal of License Application 

DHS-8227-ENG Checklist for Children's Records – Licensed Child Care Centers

DHS-8228-ENG Checklist for Personnel Records – Licensed Child Care Centers

DHS-8229-ENG Checklist for Personnel Records – Licensed Child Care Centers

DHS-8272-ENG Appeal Party Document Submission Form

DHS-8475-ENG Foster Care/CRS Age or Overnight Supervision Variance Request

DHS-8547-ENG MFIP Study Statement

DHS-8557-ENG Replacement of Stolen EBT Benefits


Form(s) made obsolete:

DHS-7414A-ENG - Child Care Emergency Plan (replaced by DHS-7955)

DHS-8337-ENG - Agreement Between Foster Parents and Child Foster Care Licensing Agency (replaced by DHS-0139)

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