Upcoming Changes to the Early Childhood and School Age Care Professional Development System

Minnesota Department of Human Services

Dear Develop system user,

The Department of Human Services has been working on significant changes to the Early Childhood and School Age Care Professional Development System. These changes apply to Trainers, Course Owners, Course Writers, and Training Sponsor Organizations and will be rolled out on March 10, 2022. The changes are designed to provide a more streamlined and transparent processes, ensure quality of training, and to make the system more accessible to users.  The attached interactive document is designed to lay out the changes as they pertain to each role in the Professional Development System. The other attached documents provide program updates in other areas of the system related to course approval and a new trainer academy. The documents are being sent out now so that every Develop user has an opportunity to read them and get ready for the upcoming changes. There will be more specific User Guides available in the coming weeks to further clarify additional details of the Professional Development System going forward. 

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