Electronic signatures on provider enrollment documents not currently accepted

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March 24, 2020

Electronic signatures not currently accepted

We have received a number of questions from providers about electronic signatures for provider enrollment documents. Minnesota Health Care Programs does not accept electronic signatures on provider enrollment related documentation at this time. Provider Eligibility and Compliance is required to ensure authenticity and to be sure that a signer can’t deny that a signature belongs to that person.

DHS may be reviewing this more closely at a later date to determine if these can be accepted, but in the meantime, the DHS Health Care Administration reminds providers that timely filing allows providers to bill up to one year from original date of service. Please refer to MHCP Provider Enrollment and ensure providers are qualified to provide services. Encourage providers to continue to provide necessary services. Complete enrollment documents and get required signatures and submit them as quickly as possible. It is important that the provider maintain a record of services they provide, including the date.