Building a more inclusive Minnesota

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Minnesota Department of Human Rights

Civil Rights Newsletter

Imagine a World...

Imagine a world where everyone can lead lives full of dignity and joy, free from discrimination. That's the bold vision we are building towards at the Minnesota Department of Human Rights

Below, you'll learn more about how our work in 2022 moved us towards that vision.

While important work occurred this year, the work to advance civil rights and end hate is far from over. Racism, transphobia, sexism, ableism, antisemitism, sexual harassment, and so many other forms of systemic discrimination remain pervasive and persistent in Minnesota. 

There is more transformational work to do together. We look forward to advancing civil rights and imagining a thriving and more loving world with you in 2023!

A Pattern or Practice of Race Discrimination

City and MPD engage in a pattern or practice of race discrimination in violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

Following a comprehensive investigation, we announced that the City of Minneapolis and Minneapolis Police Department engage in race-based policing that undermines the City’s public safety system. 

Immediately after releasing the findings, we began meeting with community members, community leaders, and police officers over several months to gather ideas to inform a court enforceable agreement to address race-based policing.

The agreement -- which we are currently negotiating with the City -- would be unlike any previous effort to reform policing in Minneapolis because it would:

  • Identify specific changes to be made. 
  • Provide timelines for those changes to occur. 
  • Incorporate oversight and be enforced by a judge. 
  • Live on regardless of election cycles. 

Preventing Discrimination

“I’m happy I could make things safer and better for myself and for all people with disabilities who use LA Fitness in Minnesota,” said Greg Reid.

Every year, we investigate hundreds of cases. When we find discrimination, we work to change the systems -- the policies and procedures -- that led to the discrimination.

Examples of this work achieved through settlement agreements include: 

Advancing Civil Rights at the Capitol 

Take Pride Act

To build a more inclusive Minnesota, we advanced policies at the Capitol.

  • The CROWN Act, passed by the Minnesota House with bipartisan support, ensures that hair discrimination is race discrimination under the law. 
  • The Take Pride Act updates outdated sexual orientation and gender identity protections in the Minnesota Human Rights Act.
  • The Preventing Pay Discrimination Act helps close Minnesota's racial and gender pay gap by protecting job applicants from having to disclose their pay history when applying for a job or negotiating a wage.

While none of these policies passed both the House and the Senate, we look forward to continuing to advance civil rights at the Capitol next year. 

Educating Minnesotans about their Civil Rights

Know Your Civil Rights Cards

We launched new resources to help inform Minnesotans about their civil rights.

55 Powerful Years and Counting

55 Years of Civil Rights Enforcement

This summer, we celebrated and honored the 55th anniversary of the Minnesota Human Rights Act. Passed into law in 1967, the law powerfully states: 

"Discrimination threatens the rights and privileges of the inhabitants of this state and menaces the institutions and foundations of democracy.”

These powerful words ring true today and represent our Department's long pursuit of ending discrimination in Minnesota.

Every single day, we use the full power of this law to inch closer to our vision of a world where everyone can lead lives full of dignity and joy. 

Join us in not only imagining that world, but working towards creating it. 

Discrimination Helpline

We want to hear from Minnesotans who have experienced or witnessed discrimination or bias. 

Report online or call the Discrimination Helpline at 1-833-454-0148.