VRS_PBA Training Follow-Up

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Dear Community Partners and VRS/SSB Staff,

I have updates to share with you today regarding VRS PBAs.

PBA Training Recording and Presentation

The 6/29 PBA Training recording and PowerPoint presentation can be found on the “Training” tab on the VRS PBA webpage.


VRS has compiled your General PBA and E1PBA questions into a FAQ. It can be found on the “FAQ” tab on the  VRS PBA webpage.

If you have questions related to VRS PBAs that is not addressed in the FAQ or other resources on the VRS PBA webpage, we invite you to submit your questions using this form.

The Community Partnerships specialists will be monitoring those questions and developing answers to add to the FAQ. If questions are submitted that are not already addressed in the FAQ, we’ll update the webpage and send emails to VRS Community Partners and VRS staff. If you don’t see any emails, there simply haven’t been questions submitted that have not already been addressed in the FAQ.


Questions related to E1MN that are beyond the scope of the PBAs are being answered by the E1MN Steering Committee made up of DHS, VRS, and SSB leadership and staff. Those questions and answers are being shared on an ever-growing FAQ here. If you have E1MN questions beyond the scope of the PBAs that are not addressed in the E1MN FAQ, you are invited to submit those questions to the E1MN Coffee Chat using this form.

PBA Resources

Resources are being added to the DEED-VRS Community Partners Guide website: https://mn.gov/deed/job-seekers/disabilities/partners/guide/contracted-services/services/pba/. Additional webinars will cover specifics of the General and E1PBA processes (late July or August).

Forms are available on the DEED-VRS website in the Community Partners Guide: https://mn.gov/deed/job-seekers/disabilities/partners/guide/contracted-services/services/pba/

Meeting Maximum Capacity – Register Ahead of Time!

My apologies to those who tried to attend but weren’t allowed in because of the cap on attendees. The bad news is some of you weren’t able to attend in person. The good news is that so many people tried to attend! We’ve purchased a larger-capacity Zoom license so shouldn’t have this problem moving forward. For future trainings and forums – please register at least a few days ahead of the date of the meeting if possible. That way we can monitor registrations and purchase an even larger license if necessary.

My best,


Kim Babine
VRS Director of Community Partnerships
Direct: 651-259-7349