Local Look - Tech Month in Minnesota

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Tech Month in Minnesota

In this month's Local Look blogs from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development's Labor Market Information office, we explore the prevalence of Information Technology occupations and opportunities in each region.

Twin Cities - Monthly Blog - Video Update

Enjoy working with computers and computer databases, software, cybersecurity, or coding? If so, working in the Information Technology field may be your calling. And, for those interested in this field, Information Technology is in high demand in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Central Minnesota - Monthly Blog - Video Update

The Information Technology (IT) field includes a number of occupations, ranging from computer user support specialists to software developers to computer systems analysts. According to DEED's Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) data, the 13-county Central Minnesota region was home to around 5,000 computer and mathematical workers. IT occupations are less concentrated in Central Minnesota than the state as a whole, but are still important contributors to the regional economy.

Northeast Minnesota - Monthly Blog - Video Update

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we work. One trend that has received considerable attention is the ascension of remote work or telework. A recent article in Minnesota Economic Trends shows that the rate of teleworking in Minnesota increased considerably with the onset of the pandemic – rising from about 7% pre-pandemic to as high as 35.4% of the labor force last May. Since that high point, the share of the labor force working from home has leveled out but has remained more than triple the pre-pandemic rate as of January 2021. The likely long-term increase in telework presents opportunities for rural areas looking to attract people.

Northwest Minnesota - Monthly Blog - Video Update

With the amount of data that is now able to be collected and utilized, Information Technology plays a significant role in the modern economy. Harnessing this knowledge is at the heart of the Information Technology field, which offers fast growing and well-paying opportunities in Northwest Minnesota.

Southeast Minnesota - Monthly Blog - Video Update

It seems that almost every job in today's world requires at least some knowledge of computers, whether it be working a cash register at the local fast food joint, operating a computerized manufacturing machine, or working as a Financial Manager at a business. Heck, even punching in and out of work is done via computer at most establishments. For many job seekers, increasing knowledge of computer operations could also lead to heightened job mobility, promotions and higher wages.

Southwest Minnesota - Monthly Blog - Video Update

Despite having a relatively low number of information technology jobs in the region, wages for these IT occupations were relatively high. The median hourly wage for computer and mathematical occupations in Southwest Minnesota was $31.61, which was over $13.00 per hour higher than the total of all occupations – the equivalent of more than $25,000 for a full-time, year-round worker! 

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