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Exploring Career Pathways

In this month's Local Look blogs from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development's Labor Market Information office, we explain the importance of career exploration for students and job seekers, including our new Career Pathways Tool and our Path to Career Success resources.

Twin Cities - Monthly Blog - Video Update

It can be challenging entering the job market, advancing from one position to the next, transferring into a new industry, and finding the career that's just right for you. This is especially true today, as the labor market reels from the effects of COVID-19 and the resulting economic recession. To assist career seekers, high school and college graduates, certificate completers, and current students, DEED and our partners in CareerForce have the resources and tools to help with that next step in your educational or career pathway.

Central Minnesota - Monthly Blog - Video Update

If you are a graduating senior, the task of picking a career or education pathway can be a daunting task, possibly the reason why so many students plan to "figure it out later". Committing time to research occupations and educational options is competing against a plethora of more exciting activities, but the value of gaining some baseline knowledge and direction can empower you to achieve your dream job.

Northeast Minnesota - Monthly Blog - Video Update

A popular belief is that you have to go to college to get a great-paying job. The data in DEED's Career Pathways Tool and the information on our career exploration page show that not all great jobs require college, and not all college graduates end up with great-paying jobs. There are many paths to a great career and these resources help students and people considering a career change get the information to make the choices that work best for them.

Northwest Minnesota - Monthly Blog - Video Update

This pandemic has affected many aspects of the economy and these impacts may be lasting. To help people who are considering changing careers or are transitioning into the labor force, especially high school students, DEED has an updated Career Pathways tool that aligns educational programming with employment opportunities in the region that can be utilized for those that might be exploring career options or seeking a new career.

Southeast Minnesota - Monthly Blog - Video Update

It's getting closer to that time of year where high school seniors are itching to graduate. Before you know it, caps and gowns will be flooding gymnasiums (if COVID-19 restrictions allow) and tassels will be moved from one side to the other before being flung into the air with unparalleled exuberance. Though they are excited to be done with high school, there are many seniors who still don't know what they want to do after high school, which is why starting to make post-graduation plans is a smart thing to do sooner rather than later. For some, going to a 2- or 4-year college is their route, while for others finding gainful employment immediately after graduation is the chosen path to success.

Southwest Minnesota - Monthly Blog - Video Update

Southwest Minnesota is home to an innovative rural career and technical education (CTE) pathway initiative known as LYFT: Launch Your Future Today. According to their website, "The goal of LYFT Pathways is for every secondary student in the region to gain marketable skills through meaningful CTE courses and opportunities which lead to further education and careers that match our region's labor market needs."

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