VRS Reminder: Applications to the VRS CRP Advisory Committee due 11/4

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To: VRS Community Partners

From: John Fisher, Interim Director, VRS

In November 2010, VRS established the Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) Advisory Committee. The committee provides strategic advice and consultation to DEED Vocational Rehabilitation Services on topics and issues affecting the mutual provision of DEED/VRS and CRP/LUV services to Minnesotans with disabilities. It is a voluntary advisory committee that meets approximately seven times per year in the metro area.

The committee has a staggered term membership structure with one third of the CRP/LUV membership completing their terms at the end of each calendar year. We are opening the application process at this time for those interested in being considered for the four openings. Selected applicants service term will be for calendar years 2020-2022.

CRP/LUV applicants must be in management and supervisory positions (e.g. rehabilitation program manager, program director, or field manager) that directly oversee CRP/LUV service provision. Consideration is also given to geographic representation to foster statewide perspective. It is expected that members will have the full support of their respective organizations to participate on the advisory committee. Please read the 2020 application form for more details.

For additional information contact CRP Advisory Committee Co-leaders: Chris McVey, 651-259-7357 and Kim Babine, 651-259-7349.

For appointment consideration, complete applications must be received no later than close of business Monday, November 4, 2019.

Completed applications should be emailed to: Karla.F.Eckhoff@state.mn.us