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Summer Housekeeping for your Individual Development Plan (IDP)


IDP season is right around the corner. One thing you can do to make sure the Technical Trainers know what your current training needs are is to update the dates in your eLINK IDP. Look at each training you requested last year. If you received enough training on that topic this year and feel that training need is met, great! No action is required on your part. If you still need training on that topic, please update the record by selecting it and saving it again in your IDP. That will place a current date in the “Last Updated” field and will allow the Technical Trainers to capture that training need with the next round of IDPs. Watch this short video for a demonstration!


Technical Training & Certification Program Updates

Technical Training & Certification Program Logo

I Hear the Train a Comin’


It’s already been 10 months since the initial launch of the Individual Development Plan (IDP) tool in eLINK! Here at the Technical Training and Certification Program (TTCP) we are polishing the updates and rolling out additional training resources. Over the next few months look for new information, guidance, and timelines on getting IDPs completed and/or updated.


As a reminder, the IDP is an amazing tool that allows you to:

  • Identify your priority technical training needs
  • Reviewing your Job Approval Authority (JAA) or other credentials
  • Track your training attendance for use in obtaining JAA and/or planner certification, and for completed continuing education requirements
  • Identify local staff that have JAA and can help you plan, design, and install conservation practices


Results from completed IDPs serve as the foundation for the annual Training Needs Inventory. Statewide training needs gathered through IDPs are broken down by Area and reviewed by the Area Technical Training Teams (ATTT). ATTTs identify trends and prioritize training needs. Local priorities from around the state are combined and reviewed by trainers from BWSR and NRCS. The Partnership analyzes training requests and priorities and develops a rough training calendar for the following year. This calendar includes training opportunities for the highest priority practices and skills requested. The location for training sessions are based on where requests were submitted through IDPs.


Curious about the 2019 IDP results and trainings offered? A summary of statewide training needs and offered trainings can be found here!


Did you know that you can update your IDP right now?!? Last fall the IDP tool wasn’t released until the middle of September, allowing only a month for managers and staff to enter local priorities and training needs. This year the IDP tool, available in eLINK, is already available and can be updated at any time! Managers can update their organization’s priorities for resource concerns and the practices to treat them, and staff can enter or update their technical training needs.


Don’t have an eLINK account to create an IDP? Information on requesting an account can be found here – look for “Create an Account.”


Upcoming Training Events

Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program

Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program


The MWPCP has cancelled all scheduled classes up to this point. The program will attempt to reschedule all cancelled classes when and if COVID restrictions are loosened and/or lifted to allow in-person training. MWPCP classes scheduled for September are still on, and the decision to go forward or cancel will be made in August. Registrants for all canceled classes who paid fees will receive credit toward future training, including any re-scheduled classes.


Sep 14-18 Basic Minnesota Wetland Regulation & Delineation, Brainerd
Sep 18

MWPCP Professional and In-training Certification Exam, Brainerd

Sep 23 Minnesota Wetland Regulation & Delineation - Classroom, Bemidji
Sep 24 Minnesota Wetland Regulation & Delineation - Field, Bemidji


BWSR Training

Oct 27-29

2020 BWSR Academy, BWSR


Technical Training & Certification Program Events

Tech Talks:  Monday Webinars at 1:00 p.m.  More information here!

July 20 Grazing Facilitating Practices - Part 2
July 27 Nutrient Management Module 7: Manure
August 3 WHEG for Pollinator Habitat
August 10 Evaluating Herbicide Plans in a Soil Health System
August 17 at 9:00 Equipment Modifications for Cover Crops
August 17 at 1:00 Wild Turkeys:  Habitat and Management Considerations
August 24 Fertilization in a Soil Health System
August 31 Nutrient Management Module 5: Nitrogen


We haven’t made adjustments to these trainings, but we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation. At this time all in-person training sessions are subject to cancellation, postponement, or adjustment to online learning. Please check the Training Calendar and Training Updates pages on the BWSR website for updated information.

July 28 Grazing Facilitating Practices, TTCP, Aitkin
July 30 Grazing Facilitating Practices, TTCP, Morristown
Aug 3-7 Engineering Boot Camp, TTCP, Morris


Related Partner Training Opportunities

July 23 DNR Native Plant Communities: Forest NPC Classification Methods, DNR, Cass County


Aug 4-5

Salt Symposium, Fortin Consulting, Inc., Online

Aug 6

Microplastics: A Brewing Stormwater Issue, MECA, St. Paul

Aug 17

DNR Native Plant Communities: Forest Grasses Strata Group Focus, DNR, Clearwater County





Sept 9

Shoreline & Watershed Practices Tour 2020, MECA

Sept 10

Better Buffers: From Dirt to Butterflies, MECA, St. Joseph





Oct 20-21

Minnesota Water Resources Conference, U of MN, online





Dec 6-8

MASWCD Annual Convention and Trade Show, MASWCD, Bloomington/Minneapolis South

Dec 8

Construction Dewatering Workshop, MECA, Minneapolis


Learn on Your Own

We’ve also put together a searchable library of recorded modules, webinars, videos and other resources to help our staff and partners find professional development information on a variety of topics. You can visit BWSR's Online Learning page to find web-based technical training resources sorted by category.




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